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posted by Candy77019
 "I didn't answer, just kept looking out the window."
"I didn't answer, just kept looking out the window."
Two months later...

I was crouched against the passenger door as Christopher drove through the endless traffic on the way to the hospital. I caught him looking at me, but he didn't say anything.
I sighed. "This is stupid and totally unnecessary."
"Jenny, this is for the best," he defended. "We can't risk another death in the family."
I pouted. "It was only one death. Two won't make a difference."
He hit the brakes so hard, it even hurt me, the superhero. "Shit!" he cursed. He looked at me expectedly.
He glared. "Two months ago, Du would've laughed if some dude flipped me off."
I didn't answer, just kept looking out the window.
Finally, we pulled into the hospital parking lot. It took a while for Chris to pull me out of the car, but he managed it.
The time in the elevator seemed endless. I looked at our reflections in the shiny doors, mine a blank face, Chris a worried one.
We reached the lobby and Chris checked us in. I sat down in the lounge chairs and watched the TV.
"It has been two months since the world has seen the newly famed superhero, the Nightfury," sagte the news reporter, Summer Thompson. "Also known as Jeannette Thomas, her brother has stated that they are keeping her in hiding until her depression weakens."
Some patients whispered from behind me, and I put my hoodie over my head.
A nurse in a blue hemd, shirt opened the door and read her sheet. "Ms. Thomas?"
Chris and I followed her into a room decorated with sailboats and cars, and a doctor came a few Minuten after that.
"Sit down," he motioned to the paper covered cot.
I obeyed him and ignored the crinkly sound the paper made.
"So Mr. Thomas, Du came here to request something?" asked the doctor.
"She's delusional, Doc," Chris whispered, not knowing that I could hear him. "You could hear her screaming at night. She doesn't tell anyone anything; she's not the girl she used to be." He looked vaguely at me. "I even caught her trying to impale herself with a küche knife."
"Hmm," the doctor murmured. "The best we can find is Cymbalta, but if anything goes wrong, Du could come back and request a different kind of pill."
I gripped the edge of the cot, fighting the urge to burn it.
The doctor swung his chair toward me, two pills and a cup of water in his hand. "Open your mouth, it won't hurt..."
I clenched my teeth. "You're just wasting your time."
"Jenny," Chris warned.
I groaned and took the pills. I didn't feel any different, just the same old me.
Chris thanked the doctor, then turned to me. "Let's go home."

"For the rest of the week, Gotham City will be seeing the sun 24 hours a day," sagte the weatherman. "So take out your picnic baskets, and head out to the strand and soak up as much sun as possible!" He flipped through his report. "And this just in, Mount Rave has just been opened for free hiking and camping! Enjoy the sun, guys!"
Anna squealed. "We are so totally going to the beach!"
"I'll go get ready." Victoria raced upstairs.
Chris glanced at me. "Wanna go to the beach?"
I thought for a moment. "I think I'll go hiking instead. Du guys go have fun."

I needed to finish something I had started just two months ago.
 "I needed to finish something I had started just two months ago."
"I needed to finish something I had started just two months ago."
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