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posted by WingsOfDeath
Couple years in the future, I'm not telling when...

"Their beautiful..." The Angel – Jäger der Finsternis looked down at her newborns.
"Yeah." Fang smiled.
"Get the kids out of here. Now." Tara burst into their room, Pistolen drawn.
"What? Why!?" Pure terror in the Angel's voice.
"No time, just go!"
Fang picked up his wife, and snapped out his wings. Tara fired at the blur that crashed in the door, only to miss.
"NO!" Devin screeched, the young baby being snatched from her. The other child was snatched Von the same blur. Tara restrained Devin from flying after her children, while Fang blurred after the assailant.
"Devin! Calm down! Fang will get them!"
Hot tears streamed down her face.

"Sorry Mom, Dad." Mel mouthed. Mel looked back at her father. Her mantel hid her identity, and her wings carried her faster. Fang only pushed harder, grabbing Mel Von the ankle. Her eyes widened, she yanked away, and blurred, her speed making thunder clap.

She landed, two children in her arms. They slept peacefully, and Mel felt guilty. But it had to be done. She walked into the warehouse, where a red hot rod sat in a fire. She lay the young boy in a crib, where as she took the young girl to a table. She lay the baby carefully on the table, not wanting to wake her up. she took the rod, and started to burn the back of the baby's hand. Screaming, the young baby squirmed. Mel continued to burn an image of wings her younger self mercilessly.
"When you're older..." She whispered, glancing at her own scar.

Mel flew through the air, scanning below. History couldn't change drastically, so she had to deliver the young children to the School. When she landed, Erasers swarmed. She only set down the children. She kissed them both on the head, and blurred.

Mel walked in the front door, mantel gone, and unphased Von what she had just done. Devin sat, crying into Fang's chest. He looked up at Mel, sorrow in his own eyes that only the ones that were closest could see.
"What happened?" She sounded quizzical, but on the inside, she knew...
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(( this chapter may include the mention on sexual content and other things that may make Du uncomfortable, if Du do not wish to see this just easily click back thank Du ))

(( Bentleys P.O.V ))
I gasped sitting up in a bett and shook in fear covering my face with my hand as tears streamed down my cheeks and landed on my lap disappearing in shattering sparks, I blinked wiping away the tears that streamed down my face. Crying in this game didn’t really seem the same as in reality, but again it didn’t really sooth my wounds and pain. I let out a shaken breath and looked around the room I was...
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posted by The_Writer
Name: Eronica Val Huchezon
Identity: Spectre
Age: Immortal. Somewhere around 400. (Appears 12)
Hair: Midnight black (halfway down waist) except for flamboyant blue streak over right eye.
Eyes: Left Black, Right blue
Outfit: Close-cropped shorts, bikini, trench coat, knee-high boots.
Weapons: Sword and heavy phantom chains
Attitude: Sad, dismal.
Powers: Immortality, See the future, touch-fate (sees your fate Von touching you), retractable Angel – Jäger der Finsternis wings.

History: Eronica's parents were murdered Von KGB officials in the 17th Century. She was raped and abused Von her parents killers before being killed as well. She was sent to Earth to warn Red Revenge of his final battle. She occasionally fights with him and he feels a brotherly protection over her.
posted by Robin_Love
So I did this awhile back so Du could get to know my ocs on a bit of another level but I revamped it so Jessie gets 2

Name: Jessie Bennett

Likes: Gardening

Best Friend: Joan (Alix Penn)

Loves: Animals

Dislikes: Poaching/Hunting

Worst Habit: Sleeping at her desk

Personal Secret: Is used to hurting herself for the need of others

Favorit Food: Anything Meat-Free (Vegetarian)

Favorit Color: Turquoise oder Jade

Code Name: None

Mentor/Inspiration: Poison Ivy

Relations: None

Base of Operations: JLA Headquarters

Personal Home: Garden of Eden
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posted by SilverWings13
Shiiiing! Shing! Shing! Zzt!

Every Slash across the sparring bots’ polished white chests made Ana grit her teeth. The “zzt” of sparking wires was worse. Each schnell, swift pass of her swords left a shallow scratch on the humanoid machines, but occasionally, her swords bit too deep. Her adversaries also landed the occasional blow, but their swords were blunted and barely bruised through her blood-red armor.

All three bots suddenly lunged, and Ana whirled, one curved blade slicing a head from its skinny metal neck, another slashing a polymer chest white open. She crossed her blades into an X as...
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Short recap of last episode of last season, then STUFF FROM SEASON 3 AH. ------------- "Where's Wally?" shouldn't have hurt so much after all these years!! But it freaking did!!
"Noëlle, come inside! Dinner's almost ready!
Michael returned to the pot filling the quant house with the aroma of beef and caramelize onions. He ladled suppe into the ceramic bowls, sprinkled in croutons, and smothered them both in Comté before setting the bowls in the oven. When a pair of bare feet was still absent from the kitchen, the man turned off the ofen and went back to the küche door.
"Noëlle?" he called again. "Mon ange!" No answer came from the flowered front yard oder the marsh lakeland at the bottom of the hill. Instinctively, Michael grabbed his scheide gürtel and darted out...
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Almost all the OCs have them, but we creators never had (individually). So... Tada~
extreme narcissism
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