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After the Tag Yoshi's class went to hawaii for a field trip,The yoshi princesses asked the teacher if they should go on a field trip to the kingdom of Verzaubert puppies, But Yoshi's teacher said, "No class,We can't go to the kingdom of Verzaubert Welpen because they may not allow us there. Instead, we're going to MOON VIEW CITY today." then Yoshi said,"Moon view city, I adore (Love) Moon view city." When Yoshi's class arrived at Moon view city, Yoshi saw The Coconut Obst truck and she got some Delicous Berries from Super mario galaxy 2. She also saw the moo moo dariy truck and the teacher said," In Coconut mall, they have the moo moo dariy store." Yoshi didn't know that The Moo Moo dariy store was in coconut mall (One of yoshi's Favorit courses). When they returned to the classroom,the whole class drew their Favorit things in moon view city. Yoshi drew a picture of the whole city."You must Liebe the moon view city." the princesess were Home and they lived happily ever after.
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Everyone loves Yoshi, some hate Yoshi (hard to believe, huh?), and everyone else does and thinks what they do about Yoshi. But who (if not what) is this Mario series phenomenon that is Yoshi?
Let's start with what we do know: that he's being debated in certain websites over as to whether he's a dino oder a dragon (I vote for dragon, BTW), he comes in almost every existential color in the world, that despite being claimed as a guy, he can do what other male creatures CAN'T DO--Lay. EGGS. Oh, and did I mention his tongue can stretch out and grab things the way a frog's can? And he's Mario's loyal...
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"So, let's a-have a quick rundown on what I taught you, Yoshi," Luigi said, his voice sounding somehow strained due to the straight hours of endless ghost-busting lecturing.
Yoshi grinned. "Okay, Du ask, I'll answer."
"Gather up your ghost-busting weapon."
Yoshi took the twigs and leaves he'd gotten together to make the dud weapon. "Got it."
"Where's the flashlight?"
"Right where the nozzle is."
"A-what about the vacuum?"
"Let's see...Oh yeah, also where the nozzle is."
"How do Du activate between the flashlight and the vacuum?"
"Easy—you flick the switch to the right"—Yoshi gestured to the side...
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