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posted by Aiden995
PWI's Liste of the oben, nach oben 50 female wrestlers of 2010 has been released. Du can check out the whole Liste under the cut. Du can check out the whole Liste under the cut.
1)Michelle McCool
2)Angelina Love
3)Mercedes Martinez
4)Cheerleader Melissa
5)Eve Torres
6)Madison Rayne
7)Beth Phoenix
8)Mickie James
12)Sara Del Rey
13)Gail Kim
14)Awesome Kong
15)Madison Eagles
17)Alicia Fox
18)Taylor Wilde
21)Velvet Sky
23)Nikki Roxx
25)Portia Perez
26)Kelly Kelly
28)Angel Orsini
30)Serena Deeb
31) Nicole Matthews
32)Amber O'Neal
34)Daizee Haze
35)Allison Danger
37)Kellie Skater
39)Jennifer Blake
41) Melissa Coates
42)Cat Power
43)Malia Hosaka
44)Cherry Bomb
45)April Hunter
46)Jessicka Havok
47)Brittany Force
48)Naomi Night
49)Cindy Rogers
50)Roxie Cotton
posted by mynameisearl
What "brand" of World Wrestling Entertainment Divas do Du like the most?

It seems like the most "talented" ones are on Raw; although Jillian Hall has no Singen talent, but Lillian Garcia does have it.

There are only 3 divas on ECW but they are all hot and they can dance something that neither Trish nor Lita can do.

I watch SmackDown every Friday on the CW; I like Maryse voice and Torrie and that's it.

Lastly from the divas Suchen I think a brunette hair lady will win and she will go to ECW and they will probably sign three oder four.

Take this rookies
 Stacy, Lita, Torrie, Trish, Victoria, & Sable
Stacy, Lita, Torrie, Trish, Victoria, & Sable
posted by purplethunder
I like all the outfits that they wear. Especially the shorts.Kelly Kelly is my fave ever , I Liebe her hair , clothes and attitude. She never gives up. SHES AMAZIN!! Eve is lovely , Kelly and Eve are both like lovely Barbie Puppen , all of them are really , except Beth Phoenix , she looks about 30-40 YRS OLD!!.WHHHOOOOO IIS YOOOUURRR FFFFAAVVVVE

It has been sagte that Kaitlyn has a crush on Dolph Ziggler. EEXXXXCCCUUUUUUSSSSSEEE MMEEEEEEEEEE!!!

ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nooooooooooooooooooo I forgot Vickie Gereuo
posted by anthonyg123abc
hi im anthony and id have some ideas on my mind about wreslemania.i was thinking what match i would Liebe to see at wreslmania then i got a thought kharma vs beth phoenix for the divas championship at wreslemania.i been waiting for kharma to do a match after that awsome return at the royal rumble.im thinking there will be a suprise match and i think it will be that.think aboutthat would be amazing 2 power divas beth.i will follow and give news on my thinkings cant wait for wreslemanaia.so far no diva can beat the glamazon she is very strong.beth never had a diva as strong and powerful as kharma maybe beth finnaly met her match.please answer my quizez my Artikel and my Fragen on my quenstion on maryse got 100 Ansichten in 3 Minuten so amazing follow my thinkings at anthonyg123abc thank you
Since he defeated Beth Phoenix earlier this Jahr and won the women's title, Layla has had a few problems to keep the belt. And Michelle McCool Von his side, the self-proclaimed "co-champion female, for there was no other occasion. But the team, "Lay-Cool" was not as "flawless" as claimed to be. Kelly Kelly, for example, has happened recently is that with Michelle Layla. Now, in his first opportunity in his career titled, Kelly hopes to get a victory when it finally counts. Kelly has proven to be able to win against anyone, but manages to avoid two potential obstacles - that lie behind Layla...
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posted by Aiden995
In what will undoubtedly be a match one (or we can define "perfect") to Night of Champions, the Divas Champion Melina will face one of self-proclaimed "Co-Women's Champions, Team Lay-Cool, in a match that will unify the Women's Divas and titles - an undertaking that each Diva will be at ringside to witness.Returning from injury and regained the Divas Championship at SummerSlam, Melina has every reason to celebrate. But the dominant duo of SmackDown, Michelle McCool & Layla, have derided the Diva Latina in Kürzlich weeks with both verbal and physical attacks. When the Lay-Cool Team had prepared...
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posted by datashia525
ha poor natalya thought she wouldn't get caught but Hey i guess she was proven wrong at our school dance when gabby caught her clappin and backin it al da way up on her man yes dis hündin natalya was clappin and is only in da sixth grade yes people how would u react to this please send me ur thought about what u would do and how u would react to this problem it all started with natalya being the ex of james once he ended it with her she became very obbessed with him then at the dance natalya showed her true side and how crazy she can be when it come to james
Since winning the WWE Diva Suchen the conquest of the securities and Divas Women's Champion, Eve and Layla have followed two completely different ways to earn an honored place in WWE. For both, however, winning the summit came after years of sacrifice, hard training and dedication. Only in this way has been able to establish a reputation WWE universe. When Eve, the current Divas Champion, won the 2007 edition of Diva Search, did not only think of becoming a professional wrestler, but to become the best "When I decide to dedicate myself to something, do it with conviction become the number one...
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After weeks of "courtesies" verbal and physical properties of Co-Champions Unified Divas "Lay-Cool, Natalya will undoubtedly take revenge - and finally catch the" noble schmetterling "- a WWE Bragging Rights.Natalya has already had an opportunity with the Mean Girls in Hell in a Cell, where Layla threw a shoe on the third generation of divs to take voluntarily and disqualification to hold the Titel to Michelle McCool Divas unified. With this move, Layla Michelle saved from almost certain when a submission has locked in the Sharpshooter Natalya - maneuver that he inherited from his uncle, the Hall...
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posted by Aiden995
The special Guest of Access Hollywood Nancy O'Dell is felt as to proper house and she has heated just the atmosphere with some breakings news as it happens to Tinseltown. Perhaps it is for this that has decided to unhook a bomb on the WWE Universe: in last weekend she is met with the General Manager of SmackDown and ECW, Theodore Long and Tiffany, and she has decided to exchange the Divas of the whole three brands.' The Hollywood insider has immediately announced two exchanges during the Zeigen of Monday night: Melina has been draft from SmackDown to Raw, and she has immediately won the Title...
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I finally found the official Divas roster for WWE's Smackdown vs Raw 2011. There are 11 Divas. Which are: Alicia Fox, Beth Phoenix, Brie Bella, Eve Torres, Gail Kim, Kelly Kelly, Maryse, Melina, Michelle McCool, Natalya, and Nikki Bella.
I heard that Layla will be a downloadable, but, I did hear somewhere else she will be in it, but it just hasn't be confirmed yet. But I'm not sure.

If Du want to see these photos, these are the Links to each one:

Alicia fuchs link

Beth Phoenix link

Brie Bella link

Eve Torres link

Kelly Kelly link

Gail Kim link

Maryse link

Melina link

Michelle McCool link

Natalya link

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