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posted by Spottedleaf13
This is all I have so far-

                Chapter 1
    Moonpaw was bored with having to look after Bloodfur and Foxblaze. The two Katzen had greencough. She wished she could be out in the forest hunting and training with her brother, Pebblepaw. Just as she finished giving Bloodfur the rest of his catmint, she heard Bluestar’s familiar call, “Let all Katzen old enough to catch their own prey gather here below Highledge.”
    As she crept out of the medicine höhle, den she glanced...
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Found on The trailer is incredible, it would make anyone read it!
posted by ttmrktmnrfn0830
Firestar helps Sandstorm

Several weeks passed since Firestar saw 2012, and he got Mehr and Mehr paranoid. He had nightmares for days, and he couldn't get the Bilder out of his head. It was all so intense!

"Firestar," Sandstorm murmured, "are Du okay?"

His pelz was matted as if he hadn't groomed it in a moon. "I don't know. Everything that's happening is so odd."

"Do Du think StarClan holds the Antwort to what's going on?" she whispered, pressing against him.

"I don't know..." he sighed. "But, I do know this..."

He cleared his throat.

Then, Jamaican Musik starts playing out of nowhere. Sandstorm looks...
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added by ttmrktmnrfn0830
I don't know why I put this on here...wait, I know, now. It reminded me a little of Warriors when I was listening to it. I don't know, maybe it could be for a specific character. I hope Du like it; PLEASE Kommentar after listening!
posted by LionBlaze01
Lizardstripe woke up in the nursery, sat up and started to lick herself clean from all the moss. Then she realized that Pantherkit and Rainkit were gone. She wasn't surprised, she was always a vicious cat since she was a kit. She would do anything to get at somebody. LizardStripe walked out of the nursery. She saw the patrols getting ready to go check the border. Then, behind her was her sister, Tawnyfur. Lizardstripe greeted her pregnant sister with a flick of her tail. Tawnyfur began to meow with pain as spasms went through her belly. But Lizardstripe just walked away. She was always jealous...
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posted by TDITrentgirl6
Chapter 2
Starkit and Scorchkit ran as fast as their twig thin legs would carry them. All that flashed through the young kits minds was the hatered in their mother's eyes, the blood drenched body of Flamekit, and the blood that dripped still from their ears were Ice had slashed them. The kits attenion snaped back to the forest when they saw a hawk coming right at them! Starkit and Scorchkit ran so hard that they could not feel their legs, but the hawk was too fast. The hawk swooped down and grabbed Starkit Von the scruf. Starkit let out a shrill squeak of alarm and terror. The hawk flew back...
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Source: Storm
posted by Dawnstripe

(Humans in this story are called No-tails. Thank Du for Lesen this)


Leader-Seastar-Blue gray she cat with white muzzle and paws, hazel eyes

Deputy-Saltwind-speckled Gold and gray tom

Medicine Cat-Seacliff
Beautiful gray she cat with amber eyes.
Apprentice, Rainpaw

Apprentice, Swirlpaw
Apprentice, Bulkpaw
Apprentice, Wavepaw


Surf-fur – Gold she cat

Plungingkit-Hazelsand kit
Leapkit- Hazelsand kit
Shinykit- Surf-fur kit
Tinykit- Surf-fur kit


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posted by knexley
Hi I'm making a few chapters for Warriors 2012 #2, which is a Sekunde story to Warriors 2012 which was Von ttmrktmnrfn0830. It's a warriors parody, and I'll try my best to make it funny!

I have to warn Du though that this could be a major spoiler. Right now, Leafpaw and Squirrelpaw and others of that age are apprentices, so yeah, it could be a spoiler.

Also, Some things in this story could be inaccurate, like not how it was in the books. Please excuse this, cuz some of it needs to be innacurrate to be funny.
A/N Hey guys! This is my first Warriors fic, so please be nice! I am also accepting OCs. I'm at The Power of Three: Eclipse, so I'm almost done with the series.

For many moons, FireClan, IceClan, NightClan, and StormClan had been dying. Twolegs were building nests and poisoning Katzen and prey. StarClan were not Wird angezeigt any signs of what they must do.

Duskflower, a beautiful red, brown, and black she-cat, sat in the nursery with her clanmates. "I don't know what we're going to do!" Birchwing said. "Our kits will die!" another Queen exclaimed. Duskflower was about to say something when they heard...
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posted by ttmrktmnrfn0830
Firestar is Going Crazy

Firestar led the patrol farther out into the forest. He was sure that all the things that were happening around here were just coincidental.

"The last thing I need right now is..."

Then, the ground started to shake as a baum toppled over in the distance. After the thunder rumble, Firestar screamed like a little she-cat and jumped in the air.


"Firestar!" Sandstorm meowed. "What are Du meowing about? It was just another baum falling!"

"Why do Du sound so optimistic about it?" he retorted, his pelz lying back again.

"I don't," she replied coolly, "but you're acting...
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posted by ttmrktmnrfn0830
Bluestar Takes Charge

"You toms are idiots!"

The three toms in the last chapter had returned, only to be scolded Von Bluestar. Lionheart and Swiftpaw had their paws behind their backs, and Oakheart was holding an ice pack over his head.

"We just wanted to have fun!"

"You've just tormented those cats!" Bluestar yowled.

"My head hurts, Bluestar!" Oakheart groaned.

Giving into his handsomeness, she removed the ice pack from his head, revealing an ugly bump from the camera. She bent down and kissed her mate's head; Oakheart surprisingly relaxed.

Lionheart and Swiftpaw sniggered as Oakheart had a love-struck...
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posted by ttmrktmnrfn0830
Explanations...Random Movie and Music...

At StarClan...

The StarClan Katzen sat there in their seats, crying as 2012 end credits played on their TV.

"That...was beautiful!" Yellowfang sobbed.

"It was depressing!" Swiftpaw groaned. "It was like...dying all over again!"

"I know!" Bluestar agreed. "It's like dying for the tenth time!"

Everyone who wasn't a leader stared at her awkwardly. Bluestar just sat, eating her popcorn. Then, she looked at all the faces.


They looked away. Mosskit enters the scene.

"Mommy!" she squealed, tugging at Bluestar's fur. "Why couldn't I watch the movie? Stonefur watched...
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posted by ttmrktmnrfn0830
Explanaitions...With a Spoiler Flashback

"'ve got some 'splaining to do!"

"What are Du meowing about?" Cinderpelt spat.

"What just happened?!" Firestar yowled.

"I told you, Dad!" Leafpaw sighed. "It's the end of the world!"

"You're making up such nonsense!" he protested. "The world can't end!"

"Well, the world's not ending!" Cinderpelt meowed. "But something's coming."

"Let me guess," he started, speaking really fast. "The economy of the Twolegs has dropped to an all-time low and there's anarchy, a beloved leader die, and they set off bombs, the overload of Twoleg rubbish is in the...
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posted by ttmrktmnrfn0830
Chapter 1: Startling News


Firestar looked at the two she-cats in surprise.

It was Sunhigh the Weiter day, and it was warm enough for a barbecue. The Musik from Graystripe's boombox was blasting, lyrics of the band Bon Jovi playing.

"Why didn't we have Eminem oder Lil' Wayne in the tracks, again?" Dustpelt.

"There are young kits here, Dustpelt," Sorreltail mewed.

The tabby warrior scoffed. "Whatever." He turned on his MP3 to hear the lyrics to "No Love" in his ears.

Firestar still stared at the two she-cats after hearing the news of the apocalypse.

"It's true," Leafpaw meowed to her father. "It...
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added by ttmrktmnrfn0830
Another song Du should look at. See if this would be a good theme song for Warriors oder a specific character. PLEASE comment!!!! :D
added by Spottedleaf13
posted by TDITrentgirl6
 Defensive Scorchpaw
Defensive Scorchpaw
Scourge sat in silence as he heard the story. How could anyone be so cruel? Especially her own mother?! Why blame her for what her father did, then she killed her own son, and practically sentenced her other daughter to her death! Scorchpaw ended when she collapsed. She cut off with a whimper, Scourge licked her cheek in an effort to comfort her. She blinked gratefully at him. When a rusty purr sounded. "How sweet." The 2 Katzen wheeled around to see a light brown cat with black rings around his tail. Scourge arched his back. "What do Du want?!" The loner purred. "Nothing much. A place to sleep,...
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posted by TDITrentgirl6
Scorchpaw awoke with a jolt. A soft grunt alerted her. "Good, your awake." Scorchpaw wheeled around to see a black tom with ice blue eyes. His claws were studded with dog teeth. And he wore a halsband, kragen studded with cat's teeth and claws, and dog's teeth and claws. His eyes glimmered. She backed away, the black tom jumped down from the box he was standing on. Scorchpaw looked up, the tom was no larger then she was. His eyes glimmered happily. To Scorchpaw he actually looked, handsome... "Here." The tom nosed a maus towards her. It was pretty thin, but since she hadn't eaten in a half moon, she...
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