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posted by deedragongirl
 Mozart and his family.
Mozart and his family.
Hi everyone, since I Liebe Mozart and even been to his hometown of Salzburg in October 2007. I would like to write about why I like about him despite that I'm not musically trained.

His Music

Unlike many composers of his days and before him, his Musik really brings out the magic that we never experience it before. Yes, they take me out of this world and never to look back!
His operas are also magic because, they really flow with the story itself. Despite being dramatic, they are really fun and enjoyable to listen to!

His Personal Life

When he was young, His father was his manager until he matures...
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posted by davlil
For Mozart
Nor fortune, power nor conquest your intent,
Not born to wealth oder highest rank were you,
In music, lovely to behold, were your days spent,
Richness of another kind, your gift to ages,
Transfixing; elegant; so beautiful; so true.

A boy? Such pretty sounds flowed from your hands!
And then, at height,
Wrought gems as timeless as the desert sands,
And precious as the brightest pearl.
A deepest sadness, yet such joy that gives a new delight.

Perfect harmonies that touch the soul so near,
Adamantine symphonies of sound,
A brilliant treasure, inestimably dear;
An early promise kept,
A gift of Liebe to all the world around.

Gone, when still in sight of youth,
While music, long within you, left unfinished.
What melodies of purest form and Poesie and truth,
Nor sparkling ruby, nor smaragd nor finest sapphire could compare,
To be unheard forever, and leave us twice diminished?