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 Blaira~ Causal Outfit
Blaira~ Causal Outfit
Name: Blaira
Age; 16
Gender: Female
Personality: She's a-lot like her sister Bloom, but in her own way Blaira can be kind and helpful. She loves to ride horses, read, and draw. Blaira can be smart and clever when she needs to.
Description: Blaira has similar red hair as Bloom and her eye color is green.
Theme Song/Favorite Song: Liebe Bites Von Halestorm
History: Von age of 7, she was kidnapped Von the Trix. Bloom and her Friends rescued her at the age of 13. Blaira is the youngest of the royal family, with Bloom as Sekunde oldest and Daphne being the oldest.
Boyfriend: Her boyfriend is the younger cousin...
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 Fira, fairy of light
Fira, fairy of light
Well, I was bored so I started to make like lots of OCs! and since I miss a lot writting fanfics I decided to write a fanfiction about the OCs I just made hehe!

NOTE: Some of the Ocs are idea of 30degrees ;)

Hope Du like it!

Must of stories start at Alfea. That a new school Jahr is starting and new Elfen are coming! well, this story starts different...This story doesnt starts at Magix oder any planet from the Magical dimension...This story starts in Earth. In Venice, Italy to be exactly. Venice is the Home of 6 normal girls. All of them...
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thanks for the ones who Kommentiert part 1! "D I really apreciate it! ;)

hope Du like this part!

Yvaine POV:

I am so confused! I had so many Fragen in my head... where am I? how did I got here? and who are this guys?

I looked around and noticed I was in a room, well something like that. It looked a little old and it was really dark. It didnt had much stuff. Just a bett and a little tabelle Weiter to it. There were red curtains everywhere and I noticed a door in the back. I was lying on the bett and everyone else was around it staring at...
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