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Amora(16)-Princes of peacx,fairy

Eramian Wonn(22)-Princ of Greandail

Rosa(20)-Amoras friend,going to become a
nun(secretly in Liebe with Amora)


Maria Nona(51)-Amoras mom,quin

Adam(56)-Amoras dad,king

Chapter 5-Moving on..dead

Amoras pov


»Youll forget about me in some time,and be happy with the one who will treat Du like a princess witch Du are«

»But i…i…«

»Like i said-youll forget about me«


I just stud there like a stone while Valerie was helping me wear my wedinng dress.I didnt say even a word,i just listend too my parants complimenting...
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 Yvaines necklace! ")
Yvaines necklace! ")
Yvaine POV:

"So come with Me
I’ll Zeigen Du life
Even better than this
Come with Me
I’ll Zeigen Du love
You didn’t know could exist
Better than your first crush
Better than your first kiss
I’ll Zeigen Du how to live

I was Singen for Bo to fall asleep. It was almost 1:00am and we all were waiting for Scipio to get to the Star-Palace. He wanted to stay up until he came but Sebas keep telling him to fall asleep. I started to sing for him so he would fall asleep and he wouldnt take long. So far he had gegeben 5 yawns which means soon he will be falling asleep. Riccio and Mosca were already asleep.

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Hey guys this is my first Fan fic. Please tell me what Du think about of it and comment!

I was sitting on the realm of Tides, at the beach. My Favorit place!
"Hey Summer," sagte my best friend Sasha, Lesen a some catalog.
"Hey, what are Du looking at?" I said.
"Just the newest fashions of Teen Fairy! Hey I'm thinking about going to Solaria to be a model. But I don't know if they're going to like me... can Du help?"
"Sure, why not. After all your my best friend," I said.
"Cool, know lets go to the mall and pick my outfit I'm going to model for them! sagte Sasha.

Mehr comming soon
Have any ideas for the part 2?
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i din't had the believix song so i took the yu-gi-oh theme song
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 Alecia's new outfit.
Alecia's new outfit.
AN: Thanks to my reviewers who are still paying attention to this story and following along. Liebe Du all!


Kim smiled as the men from the clan they were hunting for, walked over, their eyes full of lust. "What duches. I can't believe they fell for that." She laughed. Alecia smirked. "What can I say? We all know that the brain of all men lay in their pants." The two laughed loudly, as Mya snorted, before the men finally arrived.

Kim winked, lighting a cigarette, Alecia, smirking and rubbing her thigh. "What can we do for Du fine gentleman?"...
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Source: mine,except the base
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