Adachi is Best Waifu - Due to Nik’s hate of the Persona Waifu Wars (And all Waifu Wars in general), Nik has used Adachi as a troll choice, describing him as best waifu, giving him nicknames such as Cabbage Boy. This joke has gone beyond Persona, and into other franchises, like RWBY, Dark Souls, and Final Fantasy (Ex. Crow is Best Waifu/Solaire is Best Waifu/Wakka is Best Waifu). Though Nik will always gladly admit that Futaba is the least awful (And say Makoto is the worst, not based on opinion, but just to piss off everyone).


Alan Smithee - A name of a director who denounces their work on a film and doesn’t want their real name on the movie. Nik learned this while in film class and has used it on many occasions, including as a character from a WWE game he created, to give a physical representation of the game he denounces buying.


Andrew - A name Nik uses to describe stupid and/or annoying people who ruins everything for everyone. The term was created in elementary school when a kid named Andrew would always disrupt the class over stupid shit like why China and Japan aren’t the same thing and that Nik’s monster drawing was stupid. The final straw was when Andrew was to give the winning vote on what movie to watch on the last day of school, the movies being Aladdin, Toy Story, and Alvin and the Chipmunks. He chose Alvin. Since then, Nik has hated Andrew and would never name his non-existent child such a thing. When he learned of Hurricane Andrew some time later, he thought he name was appropriate.


Big Dick Here - Nik’s way of describing someone who is/behaves like they are they awesome and unstoppable.


Big x for Big Boys - Something Nik uses to describe a large object that begins with the letter B (Ex. Big Boat for Big Boys, Big Base for Big Boys)


Bobo Dakes - A character from the game Watch Dogs 2. When Nik heard the name in the game that Ben played, he couldn’t help but snicker uncontrollably for minutes. Since then, Nik has used him to parody all rappers, and would sometimes introduce them with the phrase “Yo, bitch. It’s Bobo Dakes”. Collin thinks the name is stupid, and thus, has been mocked, saying he prefers shitty game rappers like OG Loc.


But the Future Refused to Change - A quote from Chrono Trigger. Used by Nik whenever he or his friends do a lot of work, but it ends up being for nothing


Butt Baby - Nik’s way of describing someone who fucks up everything in a game for the stupidest reason (Ex. Coty, when playing Skyrim, killed a character he was supposed to follow, thus ruining the quest and calling the game bullshit, thus making him a big Butt Baby).


Carrie Lue - A phrase made by Nik and the total opposite of a Mary Sue. Due to Nik’s hatred of Mary Sue characters, he created the Carrie Lue, the name inspired from the character from the movie Carrie. A Carrie Lue is a character who has nothing but problems to deal with, is constantly hated and treated like shit, and will never be loved by anyone, especially her parents.


COLA’s Plane - A phrase coined by Nik at the expense of Fanpop user, Universe_COLA. After he was gone for a while, COLA stated he was on a plane trip. Since then, whenever he goes missing, Nik always claims that he is stuck on a plane. Similar to Jade’s Salt Farm.


Collin’s House - The description of a trashcan. Collin has recently gotten enough money to upgrade his trashcan to a dumpster. At this rate, he will soon manage to buy his own Trashman.


Corpse Parties - Originating from the anime Corpse Party, Nik’s description of a Corpse Party is killing many enemies and piling their corpses together in the craziest way possible. The biggest example is when Nik murdered an entire bandit camp on a mountain in Skyrim, stripped them of their clothes, put them in a big pile, and launched them off the cliff, their bodies falling onto the small farm below.


Crightning - A phrase used by Nik to describe the character Lighting from Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII as a whole. Not because of Lighting being too emotional, but because of how Nik was feeling the entire time he played the game. Nik wishes she would cry, though, since it would give her some emotion.


Death Jr. Figure - An item of Nik’s that was broken. When Nik bought it and placed it on his shelf, a family cat at the time knocked it over and broke the head off. It then proceeded to sit at the very spot the figure once laid and demanded to be pet, acting like a Big Dick. This was the moment for Nik that showed his utter hatred for cats (Spike being the only acception). Ryan has mocked Nik for this, as this is payback for his hatred of cats and for him mocking Ryan for having a Rise figure. Nik still continues to mock him for it. Nik was able to fix the figure by adding strong black glue to it, making it look like he is wearing a black necklace, which Nik thinks gives it a sort of charm.


Dodgeball Hell - A term used by Nik to describe an almost unavoidable attack. It originated from a traumatic experience in Elementary School when Nik was violently struck with dodgeballs while the rest of his team just did nothing but watch and snicker. Nik never felt so betrayed, until middle school.


Downhill in the Porta-Potty. - A phrase used by Nik and Sam to describe an utterly shitty situation. The phrase is sometimes followed by “And the door’s locked” when the situation has no solution in sight.


Drill-Do - A fictional weapon created by Ryan that Nik believes “Is a weapon to surpass Metal Gear”. The Drill-Do consists of a strap-on dildo with a giant drill on the crotch, where the wearer must pelvic thrust in order to get it working. Nik and the gang hope to raise enough money to get Studio Gainax to animate such a thing.


Finishing Pit - A name given to a giant hole in the center of the second floor of Nik’s high school. The hole only has waist high rails and can easily knock someone over it, possibly killing someone. Nik still fails to see why this was ever added, but after seeing middle schoolers cry over the heights as they looked down, he now sees why, and can’t think of a better use for it.


Fuckle My Uncle - A phrase used by Nik to show his annoyance or disapproval of something.


Fuckit Bucket - A phrase used by Nik to describe something dirty and diseased ridden, like a giant sex bucket.


Fuck You Times Four - A phrase used by Nik to express extreme hate for something. This is due to a glitch he experience in Telltale’s The Walking Dead, where a scene with two bandits argued before one shouted “Fuck you” and killed the other. The glitch made the bandit shout “Fuck you” four times, making Nik laugh uncontrollably. Since then, Nik has shouted Fuck you four times to express his hate of a game, character, person, or thing.


Got the Moves Like Stagger - A phrase used by Nik whenever he staggers one of his opponents (Mostly friends) in a fighting game in an attempt to piss them off. It usually works.


Hype Train Has Been Derailed - A term used by Nik to describe huge disappointment for something. Some of Nik’s favorite examples are No Man’s Sky and Mighty No. 9, two games Nik predicted would be part of the Hype Train crash. Nik has, however, been a part of a Hype Train derailment, as shown in the Berserk 2016 anime.


It’s a Long and Stupid Story - Often used by Nik to describe something incredibly stupid to help reason something he has done, in hopes that the person will find that more idiotic than the current thing Nik is doing.


It’s Not Over - A common phrase in the Metal Gear Solid franchise. Used whenever an enemy is thought to have been defeated, but comes back to attack again. First time hearing it, Nik lost his shit laughing. Since then, Nik and his friends have used it whenever an enemy or boss comes back to continue the fight, whether it be intentional or because they forgot about the enemy, thinking it dead or just trying to run from it.


Josh - A character from the game Silent Hill: Homecoming. Nik has used it as a way to describe a terrible child that needs to be punched, at least once. When Nik found out Josh was actually dead, he thought it was the only good thing about Homecoming.


Keep Rollin’ - A reference to Limp Bizkit’s Rollin’. Nik has given this to Sam, Collin, and Ryan as a strategy in Dark Souls, saying that they have to constantly roll to dodge. Collin has found this technique useless, but that’s because he has increased his weight, further proving how stupid he is.


Kink-Shamed Kira - A description of the character Yoshikage Kira from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Nik has come to really enjoy Kira’s character due to his amazing Stand power and his unique motivations, and says that he was just trying to enjoy his life before some high schoolers had to go and fuck it up. This has been termed as Nik’s very own Griffith Did Nothing Wrong. It is ironic, since Nik believes Griffith did everything and everyone (Sometimes literally) wrong.


Let’s Start a Riot - A reference to the song of the same name by Three Days Grace, a favorite band of Nik’s friend, Ben. Usually sung by both Nik and Ben when complete chaos has started. Though Nik has no idea what the song is or how it goes, he will gladly sign along just because of the word “riot” in the title.


Lucky Fucky - A phrase used by Nik to describes someone who wins by nothing but luck, usually in fighting games.


Lucy - A name of Nik’s pet boston terrier with two separate colored eyes, high energy, and a love for vanilla ice cream. She was eventually stolen one night, possibly by one of the many junkies of Scumerville. Nik vows to find her and bring her home, even if he has to kill those that took her. Just like John Wick.


Jade’s Salt Farm - A phrase coined by Nik to mock the anger of Fanpop user Jade_23. Due to Jade’s extreme anger towards Nik and COLA for their constant trolling and ruining her shipping, Nik has claimed that Jade has probably worked on a Salt Farm, complete with a Salt Mine for her to get lost in, similar to COLA’s Plane. Nik has decided that, due to her love of Steven Universe, her gemsona is Halite, or rock salt.


Little Nikki - A name given to Nik when he was six by his mother, due to her enjoyment of the Adam Sandler movie of the same name. When Nik watched the movie for the first time, he told his mother to never call him Little Nikki ever again.


Mass Destruction - Based on Nik’s favorite song from the Persona 3 soundtrack, Nik has used it to say that it and the entire Persona 3 soundtrack as a whole would be the only reason he’d go to a party, prom, dance club, or any place that involves socializing. It is currently the song he uses as his ringtone.


Mr. Arby - A mispronunciation of the name to Nik’s English/Writing/Film teacher in high school. He has been known to have hipster glasses, grey hair despite being in his thirties, and always wears a suit. He has been known to play guitar and talk about Wilco and Coen Brother’s movies when he should be teaching class. He has been one of the better teachers Nik has had, along with Mr. Toncher with his knowledge of serial killers, Mrs. Squanch for watching old Noir films, and Mr. Blink, for nearly killing a student by accident, but only putting him in the hospital.


NAAN - A name used by a Youtuber who commented on Nik’s videos. He was the first salty commenter Nik ever had, so he congratulated him before mocking him.


Now You’ve Gone and Done it, Mother Fucker - A phrase used by Nik whenever one of his friends does something to piss off someone or something that is strong and/or threatening. The phrase is a reference to a quote by Jack Baker from Resident Evil VII


People Deal with Grief Differently. Some People Fuck at Funerals. I Cut Off Heads - A quote from the game No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle. Nik has found this quote to be one of the best he’s ever heard, and Ben and Ryan say that this quote is very reflective of Nik’s entire life. He has yet to disagree, and probably won’t.


Persona Fix - A phrase used by Ryan to describe Nik’s addiction to Persona 4. During Nik’s senior year of high school, he nearly failed an entire quarter due to his sudden addiction to Persona 4. He was able to get himself back on track, and he was healed of his addiction. Once Spring Break came around, he got what he said would be one last fix. It lead to a second addiction.


Prison School - A phrase used by Nik to describe his life of highschool, due to poor food, kids who behaved like convicts, and a giant hole in the top floor that was described as the Finishing Pit! Nik did not know that Prison School was the name of a very sexual anime until his friend Ben told him. Nik still refers to his school as Prison School to this day.


Pro Skater Curse - A term used by Nik to describe his poor luck with finding a copy of Tony Hawk: Pro Skater 3. Every copy he has found has either not worked, had no game in the case, or was stolen. It has been more insulting to him, do to finding a poor copy of Tony Hawk: Pro Skater 1 for the N64 that worked perfectly. The hunt for Pro Skater 3 continues to this day.


Puppers - A phrase used by Nik to describe a small, cute, and energetic dog. It also has to do with his love of dogs.


Put Your Grasses On - A reference to the opening of the anime Berserk. It is used by Nik to describe something that Ryan and Collin hates or haven’t seen that is really good, Berserk being the biggest example. Put Your Grasses On is immediately followed by Nothing Will Be Wrong.


Quiet Toes - A phrase created by Nik while he played Skyrim to describe the Khajiit race. Ryan has seen the term Quiet Toes as a sort of racist term, which Nik intended, due to his hatred of the Khajiit race and cats in general.


Raging Erection - A phrase used by Nik to describe how over-the-top action excites him to no end. Collin has told Nik several times during such events to put his raging boner away, which Nik refused to do. Some examples of what causes a Raging Erection include Metal Gear Rising, Yakuza, anything by Suda 51, Evil Dead, Kill Bill, Crank, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Hellsing Ultimate, Black Lagoon, and more.


Raviolis - A phrase used by Nik to describe someone or something trying so hard to be threatening that it’s just hilariously stupid. The term originated back when Nik’s brother Coty was playing GTA V online and ran into a “mafia” group called the Raviolis, but the voice was clearly a kid who was using a stereotypical Italian accent. Coty is currently lieutenant of the Raviolis.


Rise Figure - After Ryan said that Rise was the best kind of girl in Persona 4, Nik was immediately disgusted and disappointed, due to Nik’s hate towards Rise’s character. Since then, Nik and Collin have both mocked Ryan for his love of Rise, even saying he has a figure of her, which Nik and Collin have both gladly accepted to trash or blow up. This has also increased Collin’s humanity points.


RWBY - A series that Nik hears all the time from his weeb friend, Ryan. No matter what, Nik tries to avoid conversations about it, but Ryan always brings it up. Since then, Nik has mocked Ryan for being so dedicated to something stupid. He then pressured him into watching Jojo.


Scumerville - A phrase created by Nik’s mom to describe the town and Nik decided to pick up. The town is known for only two things. A small corner store with the best chicken clubs ever and high amounts of underaged drug use. The town has no major cities near it, with Nik believing the world has abandoned the town. Understandably, of course.


Shaggy - A character from the Scooby-Doo series that Nik has constantly been compared to, due to having similar hair and body types. Nik has even been pressured into dressing the same. This is possibly the reason for his sudden hatred of Scooby-Doo and refusing to have any facial hair.


Shrekoning - A term used by Nik’s friend Sam, who has an unhealthy love of Shrek memes. He stated this term when he and Nik were going to play Shrek on Xbox, and has used it for anything Shrek related since.


SHOCKER!!! - A reference to the Spider-Man 90s cartoon. Due to the overacting, it was a moment that put Nik in humorous tears. Since then, Nik has used this overacting to describe most villains that attempt to run away, sometimes followed by “You can’t escape me. I’ll chase you to the ends of the earth”.


Signature - A signature by Donald Trump given to Nik. Nik was awarded in school for Academic Achievements, and had it signed by President Donald Trump. Since then, he has been bragging to his friends, and Ryan, who was super salty about it. His salt from this event has rivaled that of both Gao the Lesser’s and even Jade’s


Stand - A reference to the anime Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Nik and friends have used this to describe any spiritual figure that appears behind a person. Some examples include games like the entirety of the Persona series, Final Fantasy, Skyrim, Legend of Zelda, Castlevania, and more.


Stocking Stalking - Stated by Nik’s friend, Logan, after hearing him say he licked girls with stockings and small breasts. Since then, Nik has described girls wearing stockings as Logan’s girls, and that he is always on the prowl, looking for such girls.


Suburban Samurai - A name Nik has, very recently, used to describe a neighbor of Collin’s who collects samurai swords and once attacked a burglar who broke in with one of these swords. He has been deemed as a hero his town truly needs and the ultimate rival to the supervillain Mall Cop Martin, since Spiderman is fighting real criminals. Like Leap Frog


Sword Art Online - An anime that Nik and all his friends despise. SAO was Ben’s first anime, along with Attack on Titan, and is believed to be the reason why he hates anime. Ryan, however, enjoys the show, and thus, is mocked by everyone else in the group.


This Will Be as Easy as Childbirth - A reference to the show Adventure Time. Nik and Ryan use this term to describe something that Collin calls hard, but due to how badly he sucks at simple tasks, Nik and Ryan manage to complete these “difficult” tasks with ease.


Trashman - A large garbage truck created by Nik. It has been used as a place to put people into that Nik and his friends despise. It is driven by Colin. Some noticeable members of the Trashman are Ryotaro Dojima, Kenny, Sparro, Lautrec, Eric Sparrow, and Tingle.


Uncuckable - A phrase used by Nik to describe a very shitty organization or group, one’s whose morals make no sense, who are a complete mess, and are just filled with weak minded and idiotic individuals (Ex. Team Flare from Pokemon).


Wacky Cab - A name given to Ben’s car. Due to him driving Nik and Ryan around (Because of their lack of licenses), his car has become a synonym of the game Crazy Taxi. It also helps the name due to Ben driving them to Pizza Hut regularly.


War Has Changed/War Never Changes - A way of describing Ben’s love of both Metal Gear Solid and Fallout and how he is the only one Nik knows who can memorize which quote is from which game.


Web - Ben’s awful workplace. Nik has described it as “Chuck E. Cheese but somehow less sanitary and for ratchet toddlers”. Some awful things Nik has seen there include a Guitar Hero with a barely functioning guitar controller, a crane game with awful knockoff candy, five-year-olds ready to suplex each other, and a ticket booth complete with MLP merchandise. Nik believes Ben stays sane in this place just for the Pinkie Pie plush.


Yeah!!! - An over exaggeration by Nik over minuscule things. He has once shouted it in a public area when Ryan should him a picture of Arby’s Twitter with Steel Ball Run and Persona references. They were instantly judged.


You Maxed Out Hannibal’s Social Link - A phrase created by Nik and Ryan during a conversation where Nik and Ryan merged the last movie they saw and last game they played, with Nik’s being Silence of the Lambs merged with Persona 4, thus creating a Social Link for Hannibal Lecter (He may have had the Hanged Man Arcana). Since then, Nik has given all the other characters in the film Social Links, such as Crawford (Arcana being The Magician) and Chilton (Arcana being The Devil), and that one token black friend that Nik doesn’t remember the name of (Arcana being The Sun).

Zombie Whale - A phrase used to describe something silly that scares Ryan. The phrase originates from a conversation Nik and his friends once had about scary zombie animals, and Ryan said a blue whale, which Nik found to be too stupid and silly. It further proved that Ryan was a coward and made Nik wonder how Ryan could be as big a fan of Resident Evil as he and Ben were.