What I Like About Du I need help with an epsiode. Its the one where Tina thinks shes pregnant

AmyLoveHewitt posted on Feb 28, 2010 at 09:29PM
I am doing this scene in my acting class and I have NO IDEA what its about. Its the scene where Tina and Holly are in bathroom and tina took a pregnancy test and she sees shes not pregnant. Tina is dating a guy that works at an ice cream shop.

What episode was this so i can watch it on Hulu.

Are Tina and Holly friends?

In this scene it seems like Tina does not like Holly AT ALL. What happened between them? I thought they were friends?

The scene starts out

Tina: What are you doing

Holly: I wanted to see if I was pregnant

Tina: Alright you saved my ass thank you very much. I can take it from here.

Holly: okay See ya

Tina was the one who was seeing if she was pregnant so why did holly say she wanted to see if she was?? CONFUSED> thank you SO MUCH everyone!!!!

I am doing this Scene on Monday. HELP

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