What I Like About Du Looking For Season 3 Video

prdurham posted on Sep 12, 2007 at 06:08PM
hi, my name is Paul Durham, and I'm the singer in a band called Black Lab. we had a couple of songs on WILAY during season three ("Remember," a song Ben sings electric and acoustic, and "Lonely Boy"). anyway, I'm wondering if anyone has video from the episodes these song appeared in so I could put it on our site (blacklabworld.com). I'm not sure which episodes they were (lame, I know, but they don't tell us musicians anything, let alone supply us with video of the shows our stuff was in), but I would appreciate it very much if someone could help me get my hands on it. I would pay shipping if someone could send dvd's for the whole season, etc. ok, hope you can help me. thanks! paul. contact @ blacklabworld.com

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