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posted by princessofmagic
Thanks to precious211 for helping me come up with the Titel and Luna's name!!!!! Du helped a ton!!!

Chapter one

I was in a large hall that looked like it could be in a midevil-King-Artur-type-movie. It was made of beige stone, had red banners with a Gold kreis and black wolf print on them hanging on thick pillars, torches lit on either side of them, casting a dark shadow behind the pillars,and a simple golden thron with a red mantel tossed over in sitting on the center of a platform near the back of the hall. I reconised the image imeadeadly. It's like going to collage then seeing a picture...
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posted by karlyluvsam
Ever since I could remember,
Everything inside of me,
Just wanted to fit in (oh oh oh oh)
I was never one for pretenders,
Everything I tried to be,
Just wouldn't settle in (oh oh oh oh)

If I told Du what I was,
Would Du turn your back on me?
And if I seem dangerous,
Would Du be scared?
I get the feeling just because,
Everything I touch isn't dark enough
If this problem lies in me

I'm only a man with a chamber who's got me,
I'm taking a stand to escape what's inside me.
A monster, a monster,
I've turned into a monster,
A monster, a monster,
And it keeps getting stronger.

Can I clear my conscience,
If I'm different...
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