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Tarzan is a 1999 oscar winning animated film about a man being raised Von apes. The movie centres on tarzan's parents and Kali's little monkey who were both killed Von a tiger.

I was watching this last night and I can honestly say that it is a very good film and it did deserve to win at the oscars in 1999. The charcthers are great, the jungle effects leave Du breathless and songs Von Phil Collins is awesome. The plot is centred on Tarzan voiced Von Tony Goldwyn whos parents got killed Von a tiger when he was a baby. Kali of course minds him and Kerjack doesn't want that after the death of their...
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Okey I loved the film since I was 9 years old and I liked it . So here are the reasons why I like it.

1. Tarzan is so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. The atmosphere in the film is inspiring and very well done.

3. The charcthers were hialrious especially Terk and Tantor (what a team)

4. The story behind it is quite sad yet it had a feel-good feeling to it.

5. Jane was my Fav ,she was hilarious where she was Tagträumen about Tarzan and his loil cloth.

6. Phil Collins is BRILLANT

7. The Director was good (he did Verzaubert which was amazing)

8. The effects were cool

Any Mehr remarks please feel free to add