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I'm going here this October.

What are some good rides to ride, places to shop, and places to eat? Also what are some really cool attractions
we are going I think the first week in October so I don't think that the Halloween stuff will be out yet
 Firebender-16 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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misse1000 said:
The Halloween stuff lasts all October; it will most definitely be there...

Anyway, it really all depends. We'll start with food. If Du want to do sit down, then Du should start making reservations three months out. They can be hard to get into otherwise

Magic Kingdom: Not a lot of good sit down places, and the new Be Our Guest Restaurant will NOT be open yet, so I recommend this: Liberty baum is a really good sit down lunch place; Du can do that and then one of the quick service places for dinner. Du can also eat at one of the surrounding resorts for dinner. The best counter service place is Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe, and it also has the most options, but all of them are good.

Epcot: THIS is the place for sit down restaurants.

-Les Chefs de France: French cuisine, very good
-Tepan Edo: Japanese steakhouse, never have had a bad meal here
-Les Cellier: A bit pricey, but a good Canadian restaurant. The steak is really good

Again, any sit down place is good, but I would avoid Electric Umbrella just because it happens to be the worst in the park.

Hollywood Studios: Essen generally stinks here for some reason; quick service locations are about even on quality. For sit down: Prime Time Cafe: Classic American Cuisine in a fun environment

Animal Kingdom: Get a park hopper and head over to Epcot for the evening for dinner. If Du like Buffets, Du can also head over to Boma's at Animal Kingdom Lodge

Counter Service: Pizzafari and Flame baum Barbeque are the best. I like Pizzafari.

As far as rides, there are too many to name. Du must do:
-Space Mountain in Magic Kingdom
-Soarin' (get a Fastpass) in Epcot
-Star Tours in Hollywood Studios
-Tower of Terror in Hollywood Studios
-Rock 'n Roller Coaster in Hollywood Studios
-Expedition Everest in Animal Kingdom (get a Fastpass as soon as Du get there)
-Kilimanjaro Safaris in Animal Kingdom (bring a camera)

Save the shopping for World Showcase in Epcot. Also check out Mousegear, also in Epcot.

If Du have any questions, feel free to ask me
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
Also: Don't do the character places. I say that because they are pricey, the Essen is not that great, and there are other times to meet the characters
misse1000 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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