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VKei_Addict posted on Dec 15, 2011 at 12:36PM

I like UFO cup noodle the best! Ippei-chan (instant noodle eh?) reminds me of those memories with Shin

There are surprisingly so many people who don't know about Ippei-chan. Maa didn't i talk about this during instore event and radio!

When i stay with Shin,he used to make Ippei-chan for me. He told me that if i left the noodles under hot water for 10 minutes, it would taste really awful.

My socks used to be everywhere on the futon. Everyday we had dinner together, played games , watched movies, composed music together... Every Monday, we went to get a copy of JUMP and read them together, it's been really fun. I feel sad living alone now

Aaah, there was times when Shin went back to his own home taking the key along, so i couldn't get into the house (laugh)

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