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Opinion: Scenes Missing in New Moon Trailer

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This is all very true. Belive me i can see where she is coming from. But you have to remember this is only the second tralier! They havn't finished editing yet. There is no music yet. Pretty much there is no movie yet. Once they bring more fotage to summit and summit gets the 'ok' to release it. We will get alot more fighting, humans, quil, and everything that was in this article. IF you remember for twilight. They started off the same way. Also with New Moon it was very rushed. The enitre movie has to be cut, editied and handed to summit by october 31st. If it isn't the movie will be delayed till they can find another sehduling time. Also Now they are filming Eclipes which is a whole nother hassel. Its very complicated but Summit will pull through they wont keep us hanging!
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