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 Kristen in Mexico
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 August Fan of the Month!
August Fan of the Month!
So, the winner of August's Fan of the Monat is Aparna! Here is her interview:

1. Who's your fave Female character?
Well I Liebe All the Characters.. But If Had Too Pick One, I'll Choose Alice

2. Who's your fave Male character?
All Of Them Are Awesome But Edward's The One I Like Most!

3. Fave Couple?
Bella & Edward ♥♥♥♥♥

4. Which movie do Du like best?
Breaking Dawn Part 1

5. Which book do Du like best?

6. Which character would Du like to find out Mehr about?

7. Who's your fave cast member?
Alice/Ashley Greene

8. Which movie do Du think has the best soundtrack?
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posted by uniquezandy
Bellas pov
My name is Isabella Swan, (Bella,) and I am 17 years old. I had 2 terrible things happened to me in the past. One when I was young; and the other just last year. This happened when I was younger:

Flash back
"Hi Bella" Edward called out to me. He and his family, where my best Friends and a family to me. We were 8 years old, playing under the sun. We just bought a big, red bouncy ball to all play with. Emmett always hogged it, and wanted to go first in any game we wanted to play. It was just one of those things Du wish would last forever.
As we grew older , my friendship with Edward...
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posted by NeeNee14
I got out of the bed, but Cords were puling me back.I ripped them out my arm and the machines started beeping rapidly. Carlisle came in, he looked at me and walked over to me and wrapped me in his arms. I stood there and cried. I didn't notice he was gone and someone else came in to hug me. These arms where warm...
I looked up at who was holding me.She looked back at me and smiled. I saw my reflection in her eyes. I looked horrible, my eyes where puffy and my hair was a mess.
"He loves you, he would never do anything to hurt you...and if he ever did hurt you.I will kill him..I don't care if He's...
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Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume Four
    I didn't bite him, oh no, not my Jerek. I kissed his neck, and then his lips.
    "Get off of me!" He said, and spat Mehr blood my way. This time, I licked it off of his lips. "Seriously! You're sick!"
    "I'm thirsty, get over it." I said, and sat close enough to him to where if he tried to make a run for it, I could sustain him....
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posted by MadisonAmpt
I'm so sorry guys its not much!! But only had time for half. I had to write some so i didn't forget oder have none for ya. I hope that tiny bit is better then my other one and used Mehr of my imagination?:) Kommentar and Rate Please!!!

To Sacred_Love1550 :)

Ch 2.

This past week has been terrible.
Ever since that night...
Nothing has been the same.
Do they have Vampire councilors? Because i think i really need to see one.
I feel like a shaken bottle of coke, i get all bottled up with anger then go flat for the whole day.
I have been blending into the background, keeping out of all my old social activity's...
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 bella's halskette
bella's necklace
He sighed.

“I was going to wait, but since I’m all for cheering Du up well…here Du go!” He sagte as cheerfully as he could. But I could still see he was being cautious as if not to say oder do anything that would easily hurt my feelings.

I don’t know how any material possession would cheer me up, but since everyone seemed to be Schauspielen as their opposites today, I was going to too. I sucked in a deep breath as he handed me the small package. He watched me carefully, scrutinizing my reactions.

I opened it to find a halskette that was beautiful. Of course it was going to be—I thought to...
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posted by WritenOnTheSand
How any possibility that I could have any Mehr trouble in life than I already have is just fabulous. Du always think that having two guys would be just great, but no its Mehr like living romatic hell.

I feel like Hermia in A Mid Summer Nights Dream, She suddenly hads two men chasing after her when she has no notion of what is truly happening. her line "Oh spite, Oh hell." continues to echo through my head.

"Oh spite, oh hell." Escapes from my lips and Grandma Esther looks at me strangely. After fainting, then suddenly quoting Shakespear, I am sure that she is really stumped.

I decide to go...
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posted by gossipgirlstar2
1.Strong-Willed. If anything, Kristen Stewart is strong-willed and focused on her beliefs. This refreshing attitude makes Stewart an incredible role model for women all around the world. She shows us how to be strong, how to stand your ground, and never waver on your own personal values.

2.Goofy. We are all goofy in our own way; whether we are The Class clown oder the klutz we can all relate to Stewart because of this. Whether she is cracking jokes in interviews oder dropping trophies at award shows, Stewart is never afraid to let her inner goof shine through which is really spectacular.

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posted by gossipgirlstar2
Mag: Could Du tell us about the new Twilight movie, New Moon?

AG:It was fun for me because it was a little Mehr in-depth for Alice’s character. It’s Mehr about the angst part of it than the Liebe story as far as Edward and Bella. Edward leaves Bella, so she kind of falls into a depression and gets close to Jacob, and discovers a couple Mehr crazy things about the town. We had a blast filming. We got to go to Italy, which was amazing. It was a couple of us who got to go to Italy, and I was included. It was coming back to the people we got really close to in the movie before so it was like...
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posted by surfergal
The following morning Alice woke me up for school. I was putting on perfume when cody knocked on my door.
"Come in". I said.
Hey, Du Ready ? He ask
Yeah, Old on I have to brush my teeth I told him.
Ok. He sagte as he went towards my bett to sit down. Once I was done brushing my teeth, Cody grabbed my bag and put me on his back and toted me down the stairs. My cruches were downstairs because Carlisle didn't want me to go up and down them. Cody help me out to his car, my was totalled sadly. When we got to school cody walked me to class except he didnt leave my side when we got there. It was still...
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i'm still at work so i'm going to put a story up from this computer. so if there are mistakes i'm really sorry because this computer don't tell me if i made one :D Enjoy

Bella's pov

“Bella, Bella” I heard Alice yell with joy while running towards me.
“I’m so glad that your staying here for a couple days now we can dress each other” she sagte smiling.
“Oh, wow, Alice. I can’t wait, i’m so overjoy” I sagte sarcastic while looking at Edward so he could save me.
“I think Bella would Liebe to Alice” he sagte laughing. I just couldn’t believe he just did that to me.
I lowered my shield...
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posted by just_bella
So for some wierd reason I have decided that Schreiben 3 stories sounds like fun. I'm not sure how long I will be able to keep them all up, but I'm gonna try :) Thanks for the comments!!
Last time:

He came up to my father and shook his hand, he smiled at my mother and knelt down to say hello to Cynthia. When he came to me he seemed to look longer then he did with my sister.

"Mary, it is very nice to meet you. I have heard a few things from your father, and he thought that it might be a good idea if we had a conversation." He sagte in a jolly tone....
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Chapter 7 - Different
    “Never mind. Its not important.” he sagte regretfully.
    I was slightly crushed that something so unimportant is something he wouldn’t share with me. If it wasn’t important then why be so secretive?
“ Please tell me. Du can trust me.” I sagte convincingly, oder so I thought.
“ I know that I can trust Du but I am still not sure if I should tell Du oder not. I don’t know if it is the right time but I don’t know any better time, either.” he sagte seeming torn between something that was way Mehr than what he was telling...
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posted by TVAuthor
I have all the Twilight books, but I Lost Eclipse and really want to read it. Does anybody know a website Du can read the whole book on? I've been dying to read past the first chapter Du get from New Moon. It sucks I really want to read it, and I can't do that. Please help me with this. From a Fan to a fan. Du know how great the book is so help me, a person who wants to read it. Please just find the website and post it to me. Thank Du so much! I hope Du already know one, oder can easily find one. Thank you!!
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