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 Kellan, Ashley and Nikki - leaving LA
Kellan, Ashley and Nikki - leaving LA
Kellan Lutz
Ashley Greene
Nikki Reed
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This Twilight-Serie foto contains sonnenbrille, dunkle brille, schatten, sonnenbrillen, dunkle brillen, and schattierungen.

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Charlie’s POV

“This happened about an Stunde oder so ago,” one of my officers told me. “The driver of this car is nowhere to be found. We think he must have crashed and run.”
“What about the driver of the other car?” I asked, inspecting the car in front of me. It looked familiar.
“In hospital. Minor injuries.”
I nodded. The black car that looked familiar to me had received the most damage. The other car, a blue Prius, had crashed into the side of it. No one would have been able to walk away from that. No one except a….
“Is anyone looking for the driver?” I asked the officer.
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