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posted by thecullensftw_x
Nothing phases Emmett Cullen. I'm big, strong and fierce. I take what life throws at me and make the best of it. I'm a vampire, and I'm loving it. Right?
Well, at least I was until last night. I had everything. A great family, a wonderful house, a stunningly beautiful soulmate, absolutely everything. There were mountain lions, and sometimes even irritable grizzlies. We had arm wrestles outside and broke the rocks, and could run through the forest for days straight. Everything was perfect. However, that was when I had my amazing wife on my arm. Now, she's gone and I'm completely lost.
Nothing phases Emmett Cullen, except losing the core of his existence.
I'm putting on a Merida - Legende der Highlands face, but at the moment things are really strange. We've found Mehr scents and trails all over the place. Renesmee has been hanging around with Tauri all the time, and even invited her to a party we were supposed to be having. Jake proposed to her and she agreed, and then my gorgeous Rosalie left me. It's been a very difficult few weeks.
I think Jazz is finding it hard, too. Our anxious moods must really be hitting him hard. It's not fair on him to have to feel the weight of all of our feelings at once, but hey, what can I do about it?
I don't feel like doing anything now. Everyone is upset about Rose's departure, but its obviously me who's feeling it the most. I loved her with all my heart, and now half of me is missing with her. I've been hunting, running, tracking; I've tried everything I can to get away from it all, but it just doesn't work. Especially not with the new infomation Edward has declared. The Volturi are back, and planning a 'surprise' visit...
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posted by mrsblack_1089
Hey, guys! Finally had some time to write this today. Let me know what Du think!!

I paced anxiously in front of Alice at the mouth of the cave. Her blank expression, which happened whenever she had a vision, always sent me into a slight panic.
Her eyes refocused on me, and she rolled her eyes. "Relax, please. It's too bad that that empathy stuff doesn't work on you. Du could really use it sometimes. I don't know why my visions send Du into such a panic. It's irritating, really..."
"What did Du see, Alice?" Though I probably already knew.
"It's the fifth vision of them I've had this week,...
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