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posted by team_robward
Chapter Two:
First Writings

“Okay, everyone’s chosen a pen pal, Du have the Weiter two session’s to write about yourself, and with any luck you’ll have a reply Von Friday” Mrs. Anderson announced.

Immediately, everyone started writing, quickly. I took another deep breath, and began.

Dear Edward Cullen, Hmm Edward, that’s a weird old fashioned name, but I guess, these days if Du can call a child Apple, then Edward is plain, normal.

My name is Bella Swan.

I'm 17 years old and my birthday is September 13. I live in Phoenix, with my mother Renee and her boyfriend Phil. He doesn’t need to...
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posted by renesmeblack
This is a chapter taken from my almost-finished story. Enjoy!


When I awoke, I realized that it was sweltering hot. I looked up.Jacob was in human form, on my bed, holding me like I was a teddy bär for a toddler as he slept. I felt a little peeved. He usually gets in trouble for this if he's caught Von either parent. At first, Jacob wasn't allowed in my room for days if he was caught. He found a way around this Von sleeping in dog form outside my bedroom door, which my bett is conveniently right Weiter to. When my mom found him like this after about a few weeks, she sagte his visits will be limited...
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posted by Styfalie
Here it is, Von beliebt demand, Chapter 12!

There will be a slight delay on Chapter 13 as it needs some serious proof reading, but it should be up Von the weekend, I hope.

Please be patient with me for the rest. I've just started a job and with that and school I will be quite busy.

Thank Du all again. I know, I know. I thank Du every time I put in an author's note. But I can't help it. I appreciate you're Lesen my work Mehr than anyone will ever know!

Thank Du & Peace.
Chapter 12: Consultation (Bella)
I paced back and forth in front...
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I woke up to a sunny sky, which was the cloudiest Tag in my book. I turned my head and saw him smiling. “Can you, go in the sunlight?” I asked. He smiled and laughed a sharp laugh. “You mean do we burn?” he replied. I smiled and nodded. He signed. “No we do not burn we...sparkle” he said, this shocked me I smiled and put my hand on his ice cold cheek. “Can Du Zeigen me?” I asked, he smiled and nodded. “I will later but now Du have to get ready” He told me, I smiled and gave him a confused look, until I remembered. Today I had to meet his family. “What if they don’t like...
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My Ticket record with my car is perfect. I have never gotten in a wreck nor have I ever gotten a speeding ticket. Well I Guess fate has it that that is about to change.

(sorry no Mehr squigglys)

Edward’s POV

While humming along one day, on my way Home from work, I can’t stop thinking about Bella. I mean which is fine, but right now im thinking about my past memories of her which has never happened before.

My Fingers glide slowly over the steering wheel as I turn a corner and my herz practically jumps right out of my chest as I see another car coming right towards me.

“Shit!” I swerve at...
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posted by joe-edwardfan
Chapter10: Edwards pov
Days passed one Von one and I was getting Mehr suspicious about Bella I could see it in her eyes that she truly hated Damien but here actions were telling something different the ways her body curled around him the way she hugged him, kissed him I just wanted to get up and kill him. even Alice saw a few visions of it and sent Emmett and jasper to get a hold on me but even with all this evidence that maybe ,maybe Bella loved him but I knew there was something wrong, her eyes were so sad, emotionless and cold, she's not the happy perky Alice like but not annoying Bella my...
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posted by bella01
Something's wrong.I can feel it.
There is no light in the house but Charlie's kreuzer is already here.
"No",I told myself,"maybe they are just just out".I walked towards the door.i took a deep breath before opening the door.Darkness enveloped me.
Just as I thought,no lights are open.I tried to switch on the light when something made me trip over.The smell of blood hit me.I panicked "Whose blood could that be?"I asked myself,hesitating.I quickly stood up,almost loosing balance because of the feeling of nausea.I walked towards the light switch while breathing through my mouth.(one of the...
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The Twilight Suite Life of Zack and Cody (and the Cullens)

*This starts off with Bella and Edward walking into the Boston Tipton Hotel for their 2nd honeymoon. The Cullens now live in Alaska, three miles from Tanya's coven. Garrett had married Kate six months ago, so he is now in their coven. Esme and Alice built Edward and Bella a house near theirs! Esme and Bella built one for Alice and Jasper. Alice, Bella, and Esme built another house for Emmett and Rosalie.They are ALL vampires! Including Bella!

Bella: Oh! Edward, this hotel is beautiful!

Edward: I know, love. Esme always loved it here. Let's...
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added by MiizLadiDiime
Ch 8 My Sick Days

A/N: I own no characters.
Plz R&R!
Sorry to keep Du waiting so long. There's a bunch of excuses and I know Du don't want to hear them!

Bella POV

Finally, I woke up. It was 3:00 AM. I wondered how I had slept so late.

I wrote Charlie a note. Explaining I was sick and would not go to school the Weiter day, or, technically, today. I felt really crappy. And, my head hurt! At least I had something to distract me from my heart.

Anytime I even thought of them, the little edges around the hole would tear and burn. Sometimes, I even regretted ever finding out who they were. I mean,...
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Ch 7
A/N: I own no characters. Plz R&R!

I climbed out of my rusty truck and stared into the eyes of 7 people. Laurn, Angela, Ben, Mike, Jessica, Eric, and Tyler.

"Bella!" cryed Angela, as she flung herself at me. "Sorry, Du probaly don't remember me....I'm..."

"Angela!" I gave her a hug back. "I remember, all of you. Wow. News travels fast in this town, doesn't it."

"Yeah, that's the perks of livin' in a small town." Mike cheered. What was he so happy about?

The glocke rang.

"Well, I see Du guys later." I hollered. They were already leaving for class.

"Later." they replied.

"Um...."I called...
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posted by Repo-girl
Hi! I am doing soooooo good on the story! I wrote four pages on this one too and it does have some sex in this one too. Bella afraid of what will happen if she says no to James and he will hurt her if she does something that he doesn't like. Du will find this out in this chapter. Bella will get hurt a little in this one guys, I'm sorry. Now on with the story.

Chapter 14
Bella's POV

I had a dreamless sleep. I woke up and James wasn't there. I went outside. I wanted a look around. The kabine was in the middle of nowhere. There was a little backyard and there was a gate around it. There was a shed...
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posted by sexy_vamp
Disclaimer: Same as before. Stephenie Meyer owns all of the characters.

A/N: I Liebe REVIEWS! So please read and review! And if Du have any Kommentare oder recommendations, please feel free to tell me. If there is something that Du would like to see, please tell me that too.

Chapter 3:

The last thing that I remembered was screaming. And then I passed out. When I woke up, I was at the Cullen’s house and in Alice’s room. I am warm and comfortable—is that right? Was I supposed to be feeling like this? There was a soft knock at the door.

“Come in,” I sagte softly.

The door opened slowly and Esme...
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added by pameee

i_luv_edward_SWITZERLAND: Bella
i_luv_my_bella: Edward
i_c_ur_future: Alice
blood_12: Jasper (thanks 4 new u-name ideas, guys!)
blondie_123: Rosalie
Dr_vamp_man: Carlisle
mrs_c_cullen: Esme
nessie_is_beautiful: Jacob
imprinted_by_jakey: Renesmee (Nessie)

mrs_c_cullen is signing on
Dr_vamp_man is signing on

mrs_c_cullen: OMC! OMC! OMC! Honeybuns, that was amazing!

Dr_vamp_man: I know! I can't believe I never thought of Doing It on a hospital bed!

mrs_c_cullen_: Oh yes.

imprinted_by_jakey is signing on

imprinted_by_jakey: OH, EWW! Grandma, Grandpa!

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posted by gossipgirlxoxo
What kind of visitors? I asked myself. I stepped vorwärts-, nach vorn and hugged Edward. “Okay” I whispered in his ear. I heard a knock at my door, I froze but Edward just disappeared. I jumped into my bed. “Come in” I sagte in a fake husky voice. Charlie came in and sat on my bed. “Bells, do Du feel alright?” He asked. I shook my head and moaned. “I think I have a bug” I moaned again. “But how Du haven’t left the house?” He said. “It must have been when I went to the Cull...” I stopped myself, oops. “The Cullen’s, to see Edward?” He sagte in a confused tone, I was so busted....
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    Designated visiting hours. The expression carried the same institutional quality that words like imprisonment and life sentence had. Charlie hoped, at least, that they did.  It also wouldn't hurt if they held connotations that might import a bodily threat to Bella's daily visitor. Something Mehr on the line of death sentence...if Du ever hurt her again.
    Charlie took satisfaction in believing that placing Bella under house arrest and her insistence that Edward Mitmachen her almost daily, meant that Charlie was able to punish...
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posted by twilightchick
*at school*
mr.banner: Bella get your eyes off of mr.cullen and pay attention to my lesson
bella: *turns around* fine then tell that skank to stop staring at my man *points*
lauren: gasp!
banner: excuse me miss schwan i wouldnt want to send Du to the office
bella: well send me to the office. nobody wants to hear your lame teachings anyway
edward: um bella love, Du dont want to go there with him...
bella: ok your right...but i do want to go there with her *slaps lauren* STOP STARING AT MY MAN! HE DONT WANT YOU
lauren: aw no Du didnt just go there slut!
bella:*body slams her* uh yeah i just did! *pulls...
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posted by doyouknow
Never in a million years would I have thought I would warm to Forks. The rain and the cold didn’t bother me anymore, but maybe that was because Jacob was always unseasonably warm.
It’s been two months since I first arrived here, and I was settling down quite well. I had made a couple of new Friends in school; Jessica, Mike, Eric, Tyler and Angela were becoming quite good Friends at this point. Although I got the impression that Mike and Eric wanted a little bit more. That didn’t bother me though, I already had a boyfriend. Ever since that first Tag Jacob and I had been inseparable. Charlie...
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added by pameee