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JAlover posted on Aug 08, 2010 at 05:55PM
*What is your favorite quote?

*What character's quotes do you like the most?

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr iemand said…
I don't have just one fav quote :/ hahaa, here's some of the quotes that I like the most:

-My instincts told me that there was danger, that the angel had meant it when she spoke of killing, but my judgment overruled my instincts. I had not been taught to fear women, but to protect them. (Jasper Hale)

-When you live for the fight, for the blood, the relationships you form are tenuous and easily broken. (Jasper Hale)

-In so many years of slaughter and carnage, I’d lost nearly all of my humanity. I was undeniably a nightmare, a monster of the grisliest kind. (Jasper Hale)

-After a century of instant gratification, I found self-discipline… challenging. (Jasper Hale)

-You held out your hand, and I took it without stopping to make sense of what I was doing. For the first time in almost a century, I felt hope. (Jasper Hale - OMG THAT'S SO CUTE xD haha)

-Save your remorse for someone who believes it. (Alice Cullen)

-Try not to trip. We don’t have time for a concussion today. (Alice Cullen)

-Let’s behave ourselves, shall we? There are ladies present. (Alice Cullen)

-I think she’s having hysterics. Maybe you should slap her. (Alice Cullen)

-And you ducked your head, like a good Southern gentleman, and said, ‘I’m sorry, ma’am.’ (Alice Cullen)

-Overprotective fool. (Alic Cullen)

-I’m sorry. I can’t really empathize. My first memory is of seeing Jasper’s face in my future; I always knew that he was where my life was headed. But I can sympathize. I’m so sorry you have to choose between two good things. (Alice cullen - awww i looove this one xD)

-Oh well, we’re all together now! Isn’t it lovely! (Aro - haha i don't know why but i think Aro is funny xD )

-I’m no Alice, you’re just predictable. (Seth)

-I mean, at least you didn’t bite me or anything. That would’ve sucked. (Seth)


My favorite character is Jasper, so yes I actually love everything he says xD Hahahaa
Vor mehr als einem Jahr JaliceLove said…
^^ "I mean, at least you didn’t bite me or anything. That would’ve sucked." (Seth)

Awesomeeee quote!!! lmao