TV-Paare Favorit out of my Favorit couple stuff?

Pick one:
Couple: Buffy&Spike
Favorit sweet kiss: Angela&Hodgins (2x07)
Favorit makeout: Rachel&Puck (1x08)
Favorit first kiss: Logan&Veronica (1x18)
Favorit last kiss: Angel&Cordelia (5x12)
Favorit sex scene: Buffy&Spike (6x08)
Favorit dance: Logan&Veronica (2x17)
Favorit dance: Damon&Elena (1x19)
Favorit speech: Spike to Buffy "You're the one" (7x20)
Favorit 'I Liebe you': Buffy&Spike (7x22)
Favorit make-up: Brooke&Lucas "Pretty girl" (3x09)
Favorit proposal: Xander&Anya (5x22)
Favorit hug: Damon&Elena (1x14)
Favorit romantic gesture: Rachel&Puck "Sweet Caroline" (1x08)
Favorit 'death in Liebhaber arms': Wesley&Fred (5x15)
Favorit "FINALLY" moment: Booth&Brennan first KISS (5x16)
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