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TV-Paare my Favorit arrow/the flash/legends of tomorrow couples, which one is your favorite?

20 fans picked:
diggle & lyla (otp) (arrow)
kendra & carter (LOT)
sara & oliver (otp) (arrow)
strahl, strahl, ray & felicity (otp) (arrow)
sara & snart (otp) (LOT)
caitlin & harrison earth 2 (the flash)
cisco & lisa (the flas)
amaya & amp; mick (LOT)
amaya & mick (LOT)
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 loveDE45 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Kirkir picked sara & oliver (otp) (arrow):
None really but I'm starting to like these two :)
posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr.
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Rumbellefan11 picked caitlin & harrison earth 2 (the flash):
This was hard.
Olicity is my ultimate OTP for Arrowverse (followed by Supercat) but of all these:
Caitlin/Wells<333 So glad I'm not the only one who ships them!
Mick/Amaya<333 A new ship but I already adore them. I don't think the writers will actually put them together but *fingers crossed* I've seen many other fans who seem to like them so...
Digg/Lyla<33 (love episodes where she's part of the action more)

Never really cared one way or the other for Kendra/Carter
Don't like Sara/Oliver other than as a brotp.
Couldn't stand Felicity/Ray because I love her and find him kind of annoying (he's getting better lately but still)
posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr.