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Mermaid-Tail posted on May 31, 2009 at 02:30AM
Welcome to the spot.
I like the vampires spot, but since things like Twilight became popular it's been quite a lot less fun for me and people like me who don't really like that type of vampire. Especially since Twilight seems to win every pick and be mentioned more than anything else.

No offence to Twilight fans (or things like Twilight) is meant by this, but since it became popular it's featured more than anything else on that spot (as it has the right to, since it's a spot for all vampires) but those vampires are very different to traditional vampires, so for people like me who are fans of the more traditional type and not the Twilight types, it would be nice to have a place where that was the main type featured.
So I made the 'Traditional Vampires Spot' a spot for the more, shall we say 'old school' vampires and vamp mythology.

Again, no offence meant to Twilight fans, it's great you found a type of vampire mythology you like, that suits you and your interests. It can just be frustrating for some vampire fans who are not into Twilight having it be the predominant talking point on the spot.

For the record this isn't an 'anti-Twilight' spot or a place just to bash it, it's just a place for people who want somewhere to talk about just vamps that are more...well..vampiric than that.

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Nicely said!