Total Drama Island's Duncan i have made my own tdi Bewegen on Youtube and duncan is in it

THEJJS112 posted on Nov 10, 2009 at 12:28AM
plz watch my very own tdi move on youtube called total drama supermodel i will put the frist one on this week on thursday and i have made a move that tell you all about total drama supermodel plz watch and duncan is in it

Total Drama Island's Duncan 3 Antworten

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr bogeymeg said…
wait can i watch it now ?

oh im meg who r u ??????
Vor mehr als einem Jahr bogeymeg said…
hell ou on ????????????????
smexy bitch is on
Vor mehr als einem Jahr THEJJS112 said…
i have not finish doing the frist episode and i am putting it on tomorrow