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Chris: last time on Total Drama Around the world...... Poland! Where Umfrage were Born. Here Jordan got klatschen, smack Von a Umfrage Von Natalie, Jordan manage to "Cheet" with grilla glue but it wasn't strong anough to defeet Owen's fart! Draven also cheeted with a Grilla Glue. With Team London in last, Chef picked them up Von the plane and brought them to first. and Team Mexico Lost and votted off strahl, ray sending Noah in teerrs..... what will happend on this mysterius episode of Total Drama Around the World!

*theme Song*

*non-First class*

DJ: *sleeping* *wakes up Jumps up, screams and falls on floor on he's butt*...
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mike:so Sekunde again well that`s okay but if courtney come back then i... nevermind

ilana:i,m so happy that my team won first place yay... i vote off eva sorry eva

*votting gym*
chris:so courtney will be joinning us and will see return the answer is drum roll please
chef:(drum roll)
chris:(glances at team cheaters & take deep breath) nnn... yes she will return on your team cheaters
duncan:that sucks
eva:i know
chris:and sence i know who got all Stimmen but one trent i,m letting courtney desides who goes home
courtney:now if Du stay i,ll give Du a vote for me badge wo ever doesn`t...
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Jasper:*Facepalms.* Im an idiot!

Blaine: uhhhh I really didnt get todays challenge

Annie: I knew Jordan had something important to say. *smiles*

Ray: (chin in her hands, blows a hair out of her eyes) I'm just voting for myself this time...Chris is going psycho oder something, because this challenge didn't make any sense and didn't relate to Poland whatsoever...

Rochelle: DJ like me?! There is no way maybe he was just thinking of someone else and sagte I was hot. *blushes a little and covers her mouth* No no no this isn't happening! Well we both Liebe animals, we're both nice, heck...
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"And whats your talent Duncan?" The Prep asks. "Carving my skull into a tree." I say with a grin. "Ugh, thats useless." After saying that she walked away. Wow, shes always so uptight. "Hey." a voice says behind me. I look behind myself to see Gwen standing there. "Oh Hey gwen." I say. I sit down and look up at gwen. "Wanna sit Weiter to me,only if Du want to." I say. "Sure." She replys with a smile. "So hows your team going with the challange?" I ask. "Why should i tell you, your on the oppisite team." She says. "Oh okay." I say while putting my arm around her. I turn to her face to see that she is blushing. I lean my head in but quickly i dodge her face and KISS her cheek. "You missed." She says. "I missed?" I say. "Well ill try again." I lean in and KISS her on the lips softly.

The End
all campers: *watches the last eposde*
Zoey: i can't belive i talked like a baby!
Ray: i can't belive i licked chris's arm?
jax: yeah that was grose!
Bridgette: I wonder what our chalange is today.
Izzy: maby there wont be one like last week.
Sam: there was one. remamber? with the coffie?
Izzy: dosen't ring a bell

Sam's POV: sometimes i think izzy is dumber than annie and lindsay!

Chris: campers!!!!!! time for your first chalange!

Jordan: what is it???
Chris: a 0 gravity chalange!
Jax: what are the rules.
Chris: Du have to try to stay the longist in here!
Sarah: are u sure this is safe?
Chris: nope!
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I ran into my bedroom and slammed the door behind parents were fighting again...I body slammed onto my bett and cryed into the pillow...I couldn't take it anymore.I got out of bett and got out my back-pack, I packed my left over m&m's, water bottle that was still cold and full, my jacke and 1 outfit.
I have this huge window Weiter to my bett and I opened it, I jumped out of it into my backyard and I opened the gate and walked out and closed it again...
As I walked out I saw a couple boy's sitting on the was Noah and Cody.
Cody and Noah walked over to me.

Cody:"Why are you...
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