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posted by bubble_babe
Heres what a 10 min nap will do to me

Ok i'm not talk werid like DuncanxBeth weird, i'm talking GwenxCandy canes WERID!!!
ok So frist of it was chrimas time :D and for some unknow resion i'm on my roof in short shorts and a small t-shirt(and our house....IS FUCKING BIG AS HELL!) and i'm waiting for santa....insted....Duncan SANTA!!
Well Du no Trenty, gweny, and Courtney'ie, Du no brigetteie, geoffie, and izzy'ie, but can Du re-call...the must fucked up camper(They were deer) of them all.....JUSTIN THE UGLY RAINDEER!

so i'm right their.....seeing THIS! then....
'Ello K!' - Greg
'GREG! my long Lost imangrey friend! mom sagte Du ran away!' -me
'She lied.' - simba
'....EEE SIMBA!' -Me
'Hey girl shut up and take Du damn present!' - Duncan
'T.T fine!' -Me
'Good!'- Duncan
'Hey! this is a pitcher of Du and COURTNEY! what is this some kind of sick joke? give me a brake, and go do something i want!' -Me
'*kissing noise*' -Duncan
'K, stay right their, dont move' -Greg
'y?' - me
'Hes Küssen some girl.' -Simba
(3 minents later)
Me, Greg, and Simba: *FIGHTING* LET ME SEE! NO! NOW! NO!
'HO HO HO!' - the real santa
'OMG!' -me
'What? its what she wanted?' -Duncan
'Just why i'm dressed as an elf i'll never no.' -heather
'Heather.....GREG Du ARE SO DEAD!' -Me
'Duncan i'm gonna kick Du ass!' -Santa!
'GREG!GREG!GREG!GRE-....Hi peater pan!' -me
'Hello, have Du seen holly?' -Peater pan
'What about windy, tink, and jane?' -me
'Who?'- peaterpan
'Sorry havt seen holly.' -me
'Ok...' - Peaterpan
' to-' -ME
'Oh...shit....' - me

then i woke up!!!
 greg looked something like this, but he was orange
greg looked something like this, but he was orange
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A/N: This is about Mike looking in the mirror and seeing some of his alters' reflections. Yes, that really happens to people with Dissociative Identity Disorder (AKA Multiple Personality Disorder). If I got something about the disorder wrong, oder if I offend someone with DID/MPD, then I sincerely apologize. This fanfic is meant only for entertainment. :)


Disclaimer: I don't own Total Drama, Mike, Vito, Svetlana, Chester, oder Manitoba.


I hate looking in the mirror. I usually cover up all the mirrors in the bathroom,...
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How to annoy Courtney:

1. Hug her
2. Steal her bra(and if Du hate Duncan and want him to die, then put it under his pillow)
3. Call her princess
4. Steal her pda and Löschen everything.
5. Tell her how much Du Liebe DxG
6. Lock her in a closet with Duncan
7. Lock her in a closet with Gwen

How to annoy Duncan:

1. Handcuff him to Courtney
2, Hug him
3. Lock him in a closet with a bear
4. Steal his ipod and replace all of the songs with a bunch girly stuff.
5. Bring up the thing about DJ's bunny
6. Die all of his clothes and underwere pink.

How to annoy Heather

1. Swap her clothes with Gwens
2. Shave her head
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Tiffany, Artemis, Claudia, Marissa, Heather, Izzy, Lindsay, Zam, Noah, DJ, Ryan, Duncan are safe

Edmund is Eliminated
Challenge 2:Todays Challenge is Sports
To Make It Fair Claudia will [u]NOT[u] be Competing
Tyler VS Lindsay

Zam and Noah VS Marissa and Tiffany

400m Relay
Duncan and DJ VS Izzy and Heather

Rock Climbing
Ryan VS Artemis

What Du Need to do
Create a Shot (Swish etc.) and Explain how Du do the shot
Message me how far(In Metres) Du can swim in one go (PLEASE BE HONEST)
Rock Climbing
Whoever Antworten "I Climbed The Wall"...
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posted by iPsychic
Hi everyone! I got Chapter 4 and now 5 uploaded :) Thanks again for your support! Also, I got 3 TDRI people in here. Scott and Sam in the detention room and Cameron later on :) Now, if Du get squeamish quite easily, I suggest Du may not want to read the middle of the chapter.
I do not own the Total Drama characters except the bullies and Sofie as they are my own. If I did, that would be awesome :)

I walked down the empty corridor all alone, heading to the detention room. As it was 3:30, no-one was around. Before Zoey left to walk home, she wished me good-luck on my first afternoon detention....
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posted by iPsychic
Hello everyone! I was busy yesterday and today, so I had to write this in the car on my iPod going places. Thanks so much for Lesen and reviewing :) Also question: Do Du think I should add Anne Maria in the Weiter part? Also, this is probably not my best chapter but I didn’t have very many ideas. Enjoy :)

‘Alright! Today in gym, I’ll mark Du on your running, climbing and your sense of balance!’ our gym teacher boomed at us.

‘First, you’ll run laps around the gym, climb the rope and kreuz the beam!’ he continued.

‘Come on, let’s started running!’ Zoey told me. Everyone in...
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posted by xxXsk8trXxx
Name: Vivian 'Death' Goldman. She preferes to be called Death
Age: 16
Birthday: July 24
Personality: Dark, loner, anti-social, hates sports, unenthusiastic, sarcastic, clever, pestimistic, goth, crossdresses
Hobbies: Drawing, reading, blogging
Theme Song: I'm Not Okay - My Chemical Romance
Friends: Ezikiel, Noah, Gwen, Heather, Trent, Cody
Enemies: Everyone else, especialy Courtney and Leshawna
Crush: Ezikiel
Bio: Death is a rich goth kid. She crossdresses because she doesen't want to be like all the other bitchy girls who wear skirts and tank tops. Her dad is a C.E.O, and her mom is a blonde model...
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posted by rockzsanders
*Author's Note: As most of Du know, this super-amazingfully awesome chick is my fanfic character. I've updated some information about her, and some info. is the same. Note I do NOT want a bunch of fangirls coming on here bitching at me about what she likes/dislikes. SO! Enjoy xD



Name: Hayley Elizabeth Cameron

Age: 17

Birthday: March 11th, 1993

Country: Canada

Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia

Religion: Not sure

Orientation: Bisexual (Go figure xD)

Lacey Adreian Cameron(older)
Madison "Maddie" Lyyn Cameron (younger)

Fear/s: Balloons popping (conquered, but not cured. Globophobia...
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posted by mississippigril
it was a cool spring Tag when the worst Tag of my life happend to me but im ahead of myself this started 3 weeks Vor when me and goeff were at a party for duncan and courtney and since goeff was a cop courtney ask to pretend to arest duncan as a prank well it went over good till duncan cursed him out .well Weiter thing i know i got a call from some dude named Tylen Jeanice who asked to speck to goeff bouht 5 min. later geoff was packing his bags i sagte "were do u think ur going" "i got a job offering"i didnt have time to think before i found myself cying my eyes out that pretty much all i did...
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posted by sexybaby9087
Name:Duncan Jr
Parents:the wonderful Gwcan
hobbies:like 2 get in troble,like to have party just like his dad,swimming,loves to shave there pets
Duncan Jr was boin on April 11,2009.His parents are the wonderful Gwcan and his hobbies are to get in troble,likes to have partys,swimming,and Liebe to shave the pets.His Favorit Essen is seafood and lives in Hollywood,California.bbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Ok let's first start off with Lindsay. Lindsay is a beautiful but dumb (no offense) girl she always wants to make Friends and she has a crush on Tyler that relationship moved fast because they made out in the 5th episode ok back to Lindsay I like Lindsay because she is friendly,and creative however she is scared of roaches oder anything that climbs oder crawls I also don't like how she focuses to much on her looks I also Liebe they way she roasted heathers arsch in that's off the chain but the way she got out was a little weird but it didn't really matter because she loved the loser island she even...
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