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Welcome to Total Drama Colored! I'm the host-Chris was cut off Von Angel. Du mean co-host she said. Chris:0_0 UGH! WHATEVER! This season we have 20 competiors. Angel:15 old 15 new. Chris:Okay...we already know the old dirtbags. Old ones:HEY! Angel:Seriousy Chris Now!!! Well anyway the ones that are returning are.....Leshawna , Noah , Gwen , Geoff , and Bridgette. Chris cut in: And Lindsay , Heather , DJ , Tyler , Duncan , Alejandro , Trent , and Cody and Sierra. Okay! Let's get on to the new dirtbags! Angel:Chris!!!!! Chris:Okay...the new ones are...Demetry , Nate , Riley , Carter , Mirra , Jessica , Avery. Angel:And Destery , Rayla , BILLY! and Paris. *CONFESSIONAL CAM* Angel:For some reason I had a dreamy tone when I sagte BILLY@! I mean Billy *signs* Billy:Angel seems nice. Ihave to take to her sometime. *End confessionall cam* Chris:So go ahead and chat and get ready. I gotta get this Zeigen on the road! *With Gwen and Duncan* Gwen:Hey babe. Duncan Hey SunShine. She blushed. He chuckled. Gwen:What? Duncan:Well , we've been going out for a Jahr and Du still blush when I call Du that. Gwen:That's Liebe for ya. Duncan:Yeah....wanna race? Gwen:Is it a bet? *They race around* *With Sierra and Cody* Sierra:Hey Cody!!!!*hugs him* Cody:C-can't b-breath!!! Sierra:Oh..sorry. COdy: So what's up? Sierra:Nothing much You? COdy:Me neither. Just missing No- *CONFESSIONALL CAM* Cody:Why did I almost say Noah? Sierra:How can he miss no one??? *After a few hours* Chris:Alright! Enough socializing people! Now for the challenge! All campers:Groans* Chris:Alright! Your first challenge is- Gwen:But what about teams? Chris:._. UGH! Fine if Du get slimed Von teal, knickente, blaugrün Blue color your on teal, knickente, blaugrün Tiger and- Angel:If Du get slimed Von Neon Green your on Team Neon Cats. Team teal, knickente, blaugrün Tigers:Demetry , Leshawna , Nate , Riley , Carter , Noah , Mirra , Gwen , Jessica , Geoff , Bridgette , Avery , And Sierra. *CONFESSIONAL CAM* Duncan:Aw man! Gwen:I miss him already. *END OF CAM* And Team Neon cats:Lindsay , Destery , Rayla , Heather , D.J , Tyler , Duncan , Alejandro , Billy , Paris . Trent and Cody. *After they wash off* Chris:Well now that's over with on with the challenge! Rayla:Hey do we get pie after this? Chris:NO!!! Rayla: :( Chris:OKAY! The challenge Du have to find your cabin. Duncan:That's easy! Chris:No not really Du have to ride piggy back style on your partner's back. While dodging boms and other stuff. And Du have to bring your kabine down hill. And while rollerskating. All campers:._. Chris:So I get to pick the duos! Demetry and Lindsay , Destery and Noah , Rayla and Duncan , Alejandro and Nate , Mirra and Leshawna , Heather and Riley , Paris and Bridgette , Jessica and Geoff , Billy and Gwen , Carter and Trent , Cody and Avery , And Sierra - Angel:Um...Chris there is no one else. Chris:Hm...okay then since she doesn't have a partner and hasn't destroyed anything this season...yet. She gets the first spot of not getting voted off. The campers except for Sierra:0.0 Sierra:YAY!!*runs to mess hall* Chris:Okay then....GO!!! *With Demetry and Lindsay* Hi Lindsay :) Hi Dani :) Demetry:Uh....the name is Demetry. Lindsay:who??? Demetry:nothing *signs* *CONFESSIONAL CAM* Gwen:Man! I miss him. Duncan:She's my miss Angel. *END CONFESSIONALL CAM* *Halfway through the challenge* Chris:*RINGS THE BELL* All campers except for Sierra:ARE Du FREAKING SERIOUS!!!! Yes , Yes I am:) Campers:0.0 Chris:NOW! SING! SING! SING! Trent:Top down in the summer sun. LXDXL:The Tag we met was like a hit and run. Trent:And I still taste it on my tongue- Chris:OKAY!That sucked let's just get on with the challenge!!!! Lindsay:OH NO!!! Demetry:What Lindsay? Lindsay:Willy and Gretta got their cabin. Chris:Well...that means Sierra , Gwen, and Billy don't get vote off! Everyone besides the three:Aw!!! *With Gwen and Billy* Billy:Um...Gwen? Gwen:Yeah? Du think Angel – Jäger der Finsternis might like me? *Gwen laughs* Billy:What? Gwen:Dude , when she introduced Du she sagte it dreamily. Billy:Really??? Gwen:Yeah , and she even asked me the same question. Billy:Okay , well I'll go see if I can be her boyfriend. Gwen:Good Luck! Billy:*signs* Angel – Jäger der Finsternis *dreamily* Chris:NEXT WEEK we'll see who got elimated and more. ON TOTAL DRAMA COLOR CODED!!! Now Fragen Von Rayla:Will Billy go out with Angel? Will I ever get Pie? Will Angel – Jäger der Finsternis get her keys back?*holds up keys* And who will get elimated Du can choose anybody except for the three mentioned. and if Du don't pick me I will give Du pie! strahl, ray OUT!!
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Gwen:Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader
Trent:Dallas Cowboys Quarterback
Duncan:Prince Charming
Sadie And Katie:Aerobics Instructors
Lindsay:Wonder Woman
Tyler:Steve Trevor
Sierra:Alice (1951 Disney)
Cody:Mad Hatter (1951 Disney)
Owen:Construction Worker
Heather:Biker Chick
Alejandro:Biker Dude
DJ:Michael Jordan
Harold:Napoleon Dynamite
Chris: Last time on Total Drama Around the World! France. the Birth place of Tennis. Here our conpetiters Played a game of Chach, a game of tennis, and a good old smell of Owen's Butt! At the end it was good old Trent who left. Leaving Natalie cry to deth. who will leave on this tasty episode of total drama around the world?

*Theam song*

*non-First class*

*Katie is crying*
*You can hear Natalie crying from the confessional*
Harold: agggggggg.......... first Katie and now Natalie???? How bad can this get?
Gabriella: how much water can Katie hold?
Wally: I don't know but If she crys much longer she...
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 me (Penny)
me (Penny)
Ok befor i start the acrtical i just want Du to know that if Du still want to be in these articals but Du havent sighned up yet here is the link.

and if Du are in the articals and Du want something to change oder just want to leave a Kommentar go ahead oh and please don't tell me i am a bad soeller i alread know that.k here we go.

Penny's P.O.V
Me and my Friends just sighned up for TDP.And a weird thing is we all made it, oh well. i am so excited because cheff is going to come and pick me, jake, yuri, austin, and ya'vanti up. Jake is my boy friend, yuri is my best friend,austin is just a...
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posted by CourtneyGirl
 courtney after getting out of the dusche (just not as evel looking)
courtney after getting out of the shower (just not as evel looking)
me: wow alot of drama in the last episode, i am going to try to lighten it up because that was deep yeah know, well hope Du like it.

(courtney ran all the way back down to bridgettes and is standing at the door,bridgette heers a nock on the door, p.s. gwen stayed the night)

Gwen: do Du want me to get it?

Bridgette: na i got it.

(she gets off the couch and opens the door)


Courtney:*sniffeling and has maskara running down her face* i got kicked out because i am pregnet.

Gwen: courtney, what happend?!?!?!

Bridgette: here go take a dusche first.

Courtney: ok...
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Courtney's POV: Very much later that night, I lay awake, snuggling a glass picture frame of my parents. Tears dribbled down my cheeks and stained the dark colored kissen my head was cushioned by. Duncan was already asleep in his bed, where I was also but nothing happened, and it was about two in the morning. I still haven't gotten any sleep, and I was dying to tell Duncan I Liebe him without being too abrupt.

I missed my parents dearly. I never knew them, and I wish I had. I've heard so many interesting things about them from Tiannah and her Aunt Claire who were neighbors of my parents. My dad...
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Courtney had gegeben up on trying to keep track of where Duncan was carrying her. After heading through a series of alleys and open areas behind tenement buildings full of trash and rats, they were in some neighborhood of downtown Chicago that was even Mehr poor than the one that Frank lived in. Besides that, Courtney was completely lost. She couldn’t run away now, at all. If she tried, she’d get Lost and maybe end up getting raped Von some dirt-poor man who was divorced. Courtney silenced a gasp with her palm. Was Duncan going to rape her?

Well he is really hot…

Courtney slapped herself to...
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*Chris and Chef walk out of an air plan* "Hello fans! This is season 3 of..." Chris started. "Total....Drama...." he continued. "the musical!!!!!" Chris sang. "You remeber our origal campers,contestants but now they are the performers on this totally awesome Zeigen staring ME!" Chris said. "Another season are Du serious?!" Gwen said. "Yeah but theres like new contestants this time!" Chris said. "Anyway lets meet our new contestants." The lame-o-sine pulled up. "This is Izabel!" Chris said. A pretty girl stepped out. She had red-brown long curly hair. and seemed nice."OMG! im on total drama the...
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posted by GwenTrentDude
Chapter 3: The party

When they arrived at Jareds house there was alot of people there. It was a nice big 2 floor house and everyone was dancing in the living room and the back yard. " Woooo! Jared can through a good party!" Lauren sagte as Geoff bumped into her. " Oh but Lauren Geoff here can throw good parties too." Andi sagte as Geoff smiled. " How do Du know they're names?" Lauren sagte as she got a cup from the tabelle and drank it. " Because Chris told me before he got here!" She sagte as she was looking for her friends. " Alright guys go have fun!" She sagte as everyone spilt up and walked around...
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posted by dxarmy423
Duncan: Hey smart guy want a piercing
Noah: maybe after the shows over
Noah: I want to freak my parents out

Chris: Who ate all the gilded chris awards
*owen sits behind the bleachers*
Owen: mmmmm chocolate!!!!!!!!!

*at playas de losers*
Courtney: Hey duncan they got ddr here
Duncan: so what I dont dance
Courtney: come on it will be fun
Duncan: fine
*Duncan starts to dance and falls out the window*
Courtney: are Du ok
Duncan: I told Du I dont dance

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posted by coolguy111606
After watching all of the TDI episodes on Youtube, I got bored, and got into Survivor.

I realized that TDI does seem like a miniature copy of Survivor, but they are totally different.

But that's not what I'm typing this Artikel though, its about the drama in each show. So what is the main question...

Which Zeigen has Mehr DRAMA?

Total drama island's most dramatic moments:
-Heather Lesen Gwen's diary and kicking Justin off.
-Heather making an alliance to help only herself.
-Harold out of no where winning challenges, but continuously gets pranked Von others.
-Harold getting Courtney off.

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Chris:Here's Tag 1 Of The Campers Being Babies. Ok, It's Playtime Now.
Lindsay:Yay, Playtime!
Owen:This Teddy Is Mine.
Gwen:I Get Dibs On The Dump Truck!
Courtney:I Get Raggedy Ann!
Heather:I'll Take Raggedy Andy!
Duncan:I'll Get The kappe Gun.
Trent:I'll Get A Book.
Izzy:I Have The Ball.
Bridgette:I Got The Police Car!
Geoff:Squirt Gun.
Noah:Panda Bear. (Hugs Panda)
DJ:Polar Bear.
Sadie And Katie:Flamingo!
Alejandro:I'll Get The socke Puppet.
Sierra:Choo-Choo Train.
Ezekial:Lincoln Logs.
Eva:Don't Want To Play!
Beth:Laguna strand Debbie.
Justin:Fire Truck!
Blaineley:Yellow School Bus!
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