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**On a talk Zeigen set....kinda like Oprah...xD**

Angel: Heyo my peeps! Now I know you're wondering what's going on? Well--

Sasha/Megan(hope it's okay that I use her): This is the Total Drama The Filme Aftermath!

Angel: And we're hosting it!

**The Crowd Cheers**

Sasha: And we're here to give Du the juicy scoop on couples, alliances, and all that other stuff!

Nicko: And what about us?

Angel: Ohyes. And we have our contestants who got voted off!

Hinta: Glad to be back! 8D

Sasha: You're not back, this is an Aftermath.

Minka: ^^'

Adriana: I still think the way I was eliminated was unfair!

Sasha: Yeah, no one...
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posted by ninjacupcake88
As usual, this will be pretty sexual. Read at your own risk.
Blank meme found link.

Hello! And welcome to the institute of TORTURING YOUR OC'S!

1. Du gotta answer ALL of them!
2. Link back to the original after you're done
3. Tag 5 people when you're done (Or tell us 3 dark secrets about a character of your choice >:{D)
4. This isn't a solid rule oder anything, but I prefer that Du Kommentar and link if Du decide to do this.

Alright, so lets get this Zeigen in the road! Choose 7 characters. They can be your own, oder a friends, oder with permission, OC's you're a fan...
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posted by BridgexJordan
Name: Jordan Joseph Jones
Meaning of name: Descend oder flow down
Nickname: Triple J
Meaning of nickname: The first letter of my name.
Stereotype: The geek
Age: 14
Race: White
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Birthday: June 11th
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Religion: Christian
Allergies: Bees
Sexual preference: Woman :D
Occupation: Lifegaurd.
Way of speaking: Some people say I sound like I'm still 11.
Theme Song(s): "Our Generation" Von Sibel Redzep.
Personal Quote: N/A


Hair color: Brown
Hair style and length: Short
Eye color: Blue
Eyesight: Perfect.
Height: 5'2''
Weight: 90 LB
Clothing style: Black with a blue...
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posted by ninjacupcake88
 I do not own the base, I found it on the total drama wikipage
I do not own the base, I found it on the total drama wikipage
So, this is my third interview-type bio with the typical teenage girl, Madelyn :) Thanks to smartone123 for allowing me to use this outline. :D<3
Name: "My name is Madelyn Alicia Acosta."
Meaning of name: "It means Woman Of Magdala... boring."
Nickname: "The Klutz..." *frowns*
Meaning of nickname: "I'm really clumsy, like, REALLY clumsy."
Stereotype: "Like my nickname, the klutz."
Age: "15, almost 16."
Race: "Strictly English/British, I have a bit of Spanish, hence my last name... but since my father was adopted, I don't really have any of that...
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Chris: After a long Tag of getting to know our campers, we now have to assign teams and rooms; with furniture made Von our very own Chef! *Chef is seen getting crushed Von bunk*
Katie: So this season we´ll have two teams. Each team with ten campers on each. On our first team, will be Destery, Crystal, Jake, Zoey, Kotomi, Duncan, Cody, Harold, Courtney and Izzy! Du guys will now be called Team Swagger!
Duncan: Where´d Du get that name from the back of a bubblegum wrapper?
Katie: oh, Duncan. Du insults keep getting Mehr and Mehr pathetic.
Chris: So very true. As for Riley, Jaime, Joseph, Allie-May,...
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posted by Lolly4me2
First Name: Minora
Last Name(optional): Izumi
Age: 14
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Large pigtails
Eye Color: Dark blue
Personality Traits: Cry-baby, whiny, shy, timid, randomly falls asleep, defensive, pouty

Minora was born in the country but moved to Japan when her father got a job offer there. She has one older sister named Kasumi who doesn't seem to enjoy her company, and no mother. She is easily frightened, hurt, and tricked into believing things and complains too much. Her best friend is her black cat Robert, and no one else. Minora is constantly bullied Von "hot, older kids" for being...
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posted by TDIlover226
 LOL at shitty MS Paint drawings.
Lol at shitty MS Paint drawings.
Name: Toby Davis
Age: 14
Birthday: November 16, 1995
Hair: Black
Interests: Sports (especially soccer), video games, comic books.

Toby is a young boy who plays Fußball on his schools' Fußball team. Because of this, he's very popular. He gets straight A's on his Berichten cards, and is always on honor role. All of his teachers say that he's a "perfect student".

If Du ever met Toby, at first, you'd think that he was very regular, but of course, you'd have to know him for a while to come to the conclusion that he is obnoxious, clingy, and very hard to figure out.
Toby is clingy. And unlike most people that...
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 this is demon mother anbella
this is demon mother anbella
ok this is how my character got to be tdi girls sisters
All of them was arrest for robbery and they had the same cell Demon call her mom often she never met her father Lizzy call her mother her father had a another child so he had nothing to do with her Brittany call her mother her father was arrest somewhere far the phone ring a couple of times until Demon mother pick up hello? she sang in the phone hi ma sagte Demon in joy to found out her mommy was ok u in jail Demon corazon George sagte her mother using her whole name yes ma she knew better not to lie to her mother Demon George what am i going...
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posted by taytrain97
 Lia (anime)
Lia (anime)
Name- Lia Nei Barbaros

Nickname(s)- Lee (by anyone too lazy to say Lia), Lia (by everyone), La-La (by her dad), Shorty (by Shawn)

Gender- Female

Age- 17

Stereotype- The independent prep


Hair- Dark brown

Eyes- Light brown

Skin Tone- Dark and tan, giving her a sort of Indian look, even if she has an Asian background

Height- "Just to be clear, I am NOT short! I am vertically challenged!" So, she's short.

Weight- 98 pounds

Build- Skinny

Was trained Von military-strict parents, so she always makes sure the job's done as quickly as possible -- Extremely independent; sometimes to the...
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(4TH TIME TRYING TO UPLOAD!! I KEEP HITTING Zufällig BUTTONS SO IT ERASES!! DX Well the good thing about it is is that I copied and a part of it. :P)

Molly : (in confessional) So Brooke sagte we had 10 Minuten until we set off. This gives me enough time to be alone with a girl's best friend. *shows her book to the camera* It's War and Peace. *pulls the book towards herself* It's one of the best Bücher I've read so far.

Molly : *walking in the deep forest while Lesen her book* EK! *trips over something and drops her book* *checks what she tripped over*

Jake : Umm..... Ow? (She tripped over Jake if...
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Part 4... ohohohoh. XD

Mae: Wheres our rooms?

Teddy: Oh yeah... Um.. Just pick rooms. I don’t care whos in what room.

Mae: Nina. Share a room?

Nina: :B Suress!

Mae: *winks*

Marcus: Nasty. TAWNI. MEL. Share a room, babes?

Mae: Yeah and I’m the nasty one t e_e t

Marcus: Thats not what I meant Du sick cow

Mae: Sure its not x3 *walks into room #4 with Nina*

Riley: Jinx! Roomates? :3

Jinx: Sure! :D

*Both walk into #7*

Marcus: .o. Davie-boy! Damien! Roomies! *all 3 run into room #1*

Gabe: Jake--

Jake: Y-yeah..*quickly walks into #8*

Gabe: ….Okay.... *shrugs and follows*

.I'ma apologize here instead of the...
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 Breanna in her casual wear.
Breanna in her casual wear.
Full Name: Breanna Rebekah Ivy Elizabeth Hightower

Stereotype: The Fashion Freak

Age: 16 1/2

Birthday: June 7, 1994

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Chinese Zodiac: Dog

Hometown: Manhattan, NY

Current City: San Diego, CA

Personality: A manipulative girl who always gets what she wants. However, in this case, people think of her as a true snob because of her manipulative ability. But's she's actually very nice, but no one ever gives her a chance. She loves the Farben light blue and black.

Bio: When she was born, the doctors saw she had an abnormal eye color, as they are permanently red. No one knows how this happened,...
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posted by totaldramafan34
Hello I'm your host,Belle Bellic! Where 14 Contestants fighting for 1,000,000 dollers in cash! So it works like TDROTI except with a whole new cast! Speaking of which here our first contestant is Taylor Sky! Taylor:Hello!:) Belle:OK put your stuff over there -points towards the end of the dock- Taylor oh ok..-Thinks:Our stuff is gonna fall in the water.- Belle:Our Weiter contestant is Zachery Smith! Zach: Du can call me Zach. Belle:OK "Zach". Zach: -Zach looks at Taylor- Taylor- Hi,What's your name? Taylor: It's Taylor. Zach: Nice name :). Taylor: Thanks :) -Blushes- Belle: -Cuts in- Our next...
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23. 23 was the number of people who were in that house when someone noticed that there were people in that house. But let’s back up a little bit. Felix and Mercy has just entered.

“What the hell is wrong with Du people!?” Peeta yelled. “I have 21 people in here already! Couldn’t Du find another house?” He yelled at Mercy.

“Hey! It’s not our fault! The other houses were blown up! We had no other choice!” Felix yelled back.

“And it doesn’t really matter. We’re all gonna die in this place. We can’t survive here.” Victoria said.

“Okay. Du need to cut it! Stop saying...
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They're not all bad, but they're kind of repetitive, and OCs that are the same don't make fanfics and/or roleplays fun because Du don't have the personality variety that the real Total Drama has. eOe Let's go down in a count-down to see which ones I think we have the least to greatest of. :D

5.) Manipulators
Off the back of my head, I can spot at least 3 manipulators. What if all +3 manipulators were in one fanfic? Too many manipulations. D:

4.) Shy peeps
To be honest, people, shyness gets on my nerves. :U Even though I'm a little shy myself in real life, I don't stumble on every damn word I say...
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(Okay. So I'm skipping doing the "A Teagen Fanfic" part because I don't even feel like doing that, and I may just Abbrechen that along with "Total Drama Insanity" because I only have, like, 2 readers and since I didn't get enough commenters and a certain person [coughDandC4cough] wanted to hündin about me canceling it for publicity of another fanfic. Du know Du really pissed me off, and when I get pissed off, I like ruining other's happiness, and I'm ruining your happiness right now. TUT)

Hydra : Okay. Before I explain the first challenge, I'm going to say that there will be absolutely no elimination...
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((on a train))

(in the front)

Hydra : *sitting on her suitcases* *sighs* Bro, I don't even know why I'm going on this train ride. After buying that ticket, I'm broke. And I'm jobless, so HOW AM I GONNA GET SOME D*MN MONEY?!? I'm so broke and jobless, I'm talking to the ground. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, GUMMI (<Her nickname)?!? I wish there was some way I could get some money. -O-"

(in the Weiter cable car)

Adrianna : *playing her violin*

Scarlette : *sitting Von her* Um.... Ma'am....? Could Du please play a little quieter.....? I'm trying to finish my book........

Adrianna : Oh! Sorry. I didn't know...
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posted by RawrMonster123
The whole Tag went Von slowly. Probably because I had no plans and all I was waiting for was the basketball game. I hated how basketball games were near night.

When it was an Stunde before the basketball game I bolted into my room. LaToya stuck her head out her bedroom door, thinking that my stomping was a mini earthquake. I threw my bett clothes off and put on my clothes I left out yesterday. The rushing messed up my hair, so I had to take back off my beanie and comb my hair back down.

I had 30 Minuten left until the basketball game. Why did I have to be so excited? Being excited makes me do stuff...
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(Okay, people. I'm redoing the WHOLE PART on my phone instead of waiting until I get my laptop back. Du see how much I Liebe Du guys? XD Now let's get this long-waited for part going on.)

Rachel, Mariam, and Hinta : *walk into 1G while holding outfits, make-up kits, and hair kits*

Rachel : Hey, guys! :D

Mariam : We're here to give Du lameos a needed make-over.

Embed : /:O

Riley : D:<

Ronnie : D:>

Trinity : >:(

Hinta : We already have the outfits made and ready.

Rachel : Brooke gave us information about Du guys.

Mariam : And while Du dummies were talking about the genre Du wanted your music...
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posted by RawrMonster123

1.) Nylee has an older brother named Dak.

2.) Brooke and Reagen are the only ones of my FCs that has a normal name.

3.) Nylee's unusual name comes from Avatar: The Last Airbender's Ti Lee.

4.) Crinpy's unusual name comes from a misunderstanding of this girl named Curin's first and last name.

5.) Crinpy's original nickname was going to be La La.

6.) Reagen was supposed to be Reagan, but I think I misspelled it.

7.) First Reagen's name was supposed to be Brime, but I suggested it to Zmindy's new FC instead.

8.) Brooke's original step-sister was going to be a Native American girl who's quiet, weird,...
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