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Gabe: Toby I wanted to apogize for calling Du a douche bag a MILLION times!

Cassie: Bradley is so annoying! I hate a guts, and those freckles and that gap makes him look hideous! (That meas that his freckles and gap make him look uber cute! x3)

Zak: I don't care if there is a stain on my hemd, shirt oder if there's something in my braces... Leave me the fuck alone! (He REALLY cares about his appearance)

Leo: How do I set up this computer? (He's a tech geek)

Kristyn: I going to the spa! They always put the seaweed on too tight.

Boxxy: *silent* ...

Carli: I can't sing for shit...


Katt: Fashion is so stupid...

Lesley(She's an old OC I'm bringing back): I really Liebe breaking the hearts of Liebe sick boys. :D (She sounds so cruel xD)


Gabe was suppose to be a geek

Cassie's Design is based off a Power Rangers character. (I sound like a geek....but Carlos is the one who watches it xD)

Kris Was actually going to be related to Boxxy due to her personality, but I decided Cassie needs a fun older sister.

I barely won an auction for getting Carli. (I wished I was a skilled TDO drawer like Du all T.T)

I NEED Mehr GUY OCS? (Does anyone have any for sale oder something? :3)

I have to many girl OCs....

Anyone wanna fuck...? IM JOKING!!!!!!!

This is getting off topic...

I barely won an auction getting Paige too.

Gabe began cutting when he was about....8

Zak acts like a dumbass around his girlfriend..

Can someone draw me some Zufällig guy OCs?


OH YEAH! I starting a new fanfic with Gabe and Zak, so I'll need parts for that, so if you're interested...just Kommentar and saying the OC Du want in... I'm too lazy to make an answer thing..

Oh yeah..... one Mehr fact..

Carli has slight MPD(Multiple Personality. Disorder)
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1. Alice
First she was a rude punk and her Design was based on Jo from tdr. Because I asked peeps to choose who will they be in my old comic (Alice was there to) nobody chose Alice so I kinda based her off me. Then I gave her a pinch of leshawna. Originally she had to have green streaks of hair instead of pink

2. Clinton
Clinton was supposed to be a dude with two different side the flirty side and the cold and emotionless side and his theme song was supposed to be HotnCold. Clinton's surname is not based on Blake it's just I had no idea for his last name. I made him when I thought about songs....
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 met Lizzy Izzy sister
met Lizzy Izzy sister
Chris:what u mean Lizzy isn't here yet she was suppose to be here a min Vor
Demon:i mean she is hiding somewhere with Geoff
Indian:she always do
Lizzy:*swings in *hey their
Chris:where have u been
Lizzy:kicking Owen in his kiwis duh
Chris:so who u like to win for the season
Lizzy:no body i shall win
Demon:your not on here girl
Lizzy:silence *sits down*
Chris:who u Liebe on this show
Lizzy:no body all shall die and feel the rath of Zim muhaha
Chris:ok who u think is cute
Lizzy:no one i should win the money me me me *swings out of their*
Demon: i go get her Weiter is India
Lizzy:*breaks something*Duncan did it
Duncan:did not
Lizzy:*drags him*
Demon:no dont kill the poor dude
Lizzy:he dies *runs with him*catch me first
 indian and india
indian and india
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The couple theme for Izan(mine)XChris(Aydan's)
gay boyfriend
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