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added by 123Jordan
In part 1 Jordan and Lia fianlly ment in person now it's time for the summer camp

Lia on phone:Come on Tajma why didnt Du just come to summer camp...Oh I understand I g2g miss ya...Bye *Hangs up*
Alex:Hey Lia
Lia:Hey Alex. Wheres Jordan
Alex:Over there
Lia:Ok if ur wondering where mohn is she's over there
Jordan:Hey Lia *Hugs*
Lia:Hey *Hugs back*
Camp director:Ohk team 1 is Lia, Jordan, Alex, Poppy, Draven, Caitlin. Team 2 is Dannie, Jared, Marc, Vannessa, Zac, and Monica
Dannie:Hey im Dannie
Jordan:Im Jordan
Lia:And im Lia back away k
Dannie:Fine *Walks away*
*In confestion thing*
Lia:Oh hell no im not...
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*At skool*
Mr.M:Ohk class for your homework *Bell rings* forget it see Du later
Lia:Hey Tajma
Lia:I have to tell u this story. So I was walking Home from dance going to the park right
Lia:Then *Trips* Owwwwwwwwwww could u watch were your going
Mistery guy:Sorry *Looks at Lia* Wow!!
Lia:*Looks at stranger* Wow!!!
Lia:Huh wat
Tajma:Come on this loser isnt ment for any of us lets go to lunch
*At lunch*
Tajma:OMG.Lia look there having talent Zeigen awuditions. We should do it
Lia:Ohk. We can....we can....
Tajma:Wat...Oh no
They see tht...
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Jordan: so who do u think it is?
Poppy: i don't know but we know it's not draven
Jordann: oder alex!
Poppy: yeah!
Poppy: *trips*
alex: ouch!
Jordan: what are u doing?
alex: hidding from draven!
Poppy: well, now u better run from me!
Alex: *runs*
Poppy: chases him*
Jordan: wow!
lia: so i was at the park and i s......... *looks at jordan*
Jordan: *looks at lia*
Tajma: lia!
Lia: what?
Tajma: Du were saying???
Lia: oh...ummmmmmm.... i got to go!
Tajma: lia come back!what is that girl doing???

Jordan: Poppy! Poppy! pop.............. *falles*
Draven: hey!
Jordan: what are u doing on the flore?
Draven: sneeking...
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Mis.Asher: and Romeo killed him self then........... *bell rings* Ok bye, don't forget to sine up for the Play in 2 nouths! adshiens will be in 1 week!
alex: So are Du ganna sine up?
Jordan: For mis.asher's Play? No way!
Alex: come on it will be fun.
Jordan: No it won........... *runs in to lia*
Lia: wach where your going!
Jordan: oh sorry!
Lia: Sorry dosn't hel........ wow!
Jordan: wow!
alex: Jordan lets go!
Lia: wow!

*theame song*

Poppy: so are u ganna come to my house and help me study?
jORDAN: ummmmmmmmm.......... yeah! sure.
Poppy: thx cause if noone helps me study I will get a F.
Jordan: yeah yeah...
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added by 123Jordan
I saw u in the morning
I thought u were the sun!
cause of ur prity face
I just had to run....... to............ u

I just lOve u so much! oh yeah i Liebe u!
We are a happy familey
and we have lots of friends

Cause it's lia and Jordan
Lia and jordan! Yeah it's lia and jordan!
Lia and jordan oh yeah lia and jordan
They have lots of friends! Oh yes they do
they have lots of friends! Oh yeah!
Lia and jordan!
Yeah it's
lia and jordan!
lia and jordan!
There a happy familey!
Oh yeah!
Lia and jordan!

~Jordan and lia sing the first verce and mohn sings the rest