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posted by Sho-Kiryu
Personallty, to me, Joshua is a cool kid, and I can see his reason for killing Neku Sakuraba. He actually cared about Shibuya before,and he thought it was falling apart, so why continue to let the town destroy itself? Some of Du crazy Fans out there, dont get me wrong,i am too, might be mad at joshua for this specific reason. BUT, he chose Neku because Neku was probrably one of the people that hated the shibuya he lived in most, therefor explaining why it would make Joshuas part in erasing the town easier.

However, in the end, Joshua realizes that,"if the most terrible person in shibuya can change" all of it can. So Joshua was only trying to make a decision, but he is wrong for choosing a hater of the town and also for not thinking twice about the erasing idea in the first place..... reply to this and give me some of your thoughts next,please,thanks.