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MissAngelPaws posted on Feb 01, 2014 at 05:21PM
Hey guys c:
I made a poll asking if you guys wanted to have "Fan of the Character of the Month" and most of you said yes, so here it is. This is basically like FOTM but instead of nominating the most active user, you have to nominate the user who you think is the biggest fan of the character that I'm going to choose for the month. By the end of the month, I'm going to put up a poll so the winner will be decided by the public. The winner is going to get 20 props and an interview from me. If there is a tie, I'm going to put up a tiebreaker poll.

- Don't nominate yourself or ask people to nominate you
- Don't vote for yourself or ask people to vote for you
- If someone won, you can't nominate them in the next month. For example: Since SummerThunder won in February, she can't be nominated in March but she can be nominated in the upcoming months.
- You can only nominate 1 person
- You can nominate the same person but only 3 times.
- Nominations for the next month will not be open until the winner is announced

Roro_Love: 3
SummerThunder: 1

February 2014 (Bloom) - link
March 2014 (Stella) - link
April 2014 (Musa) - link
May 2014 (Flora) - link
June 2014 (Tecna) - link
July 2014 (Aisha/Layla) - link
August 2014 (Diaspro) - link
September 2014 (Daphne) - TBA

Character of the month:

If you have any other questions, just message me and I'll be happy to answer them ^^
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