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posted by CyD12
 Roslet, fairy of plants,flowers and nature
Roslet, fairy of plants,flowers and nature
Teresa got to Alfea running. She was already late and they could not let her get in. She finally reach Alfea. She saw the last Elfen get inside the school and it started to rain. Teresa also saw proffesor Grizelda, who was getting inside too. Teresa ran as fast as she could to reach Grizleda

Teresa: (out of breath) Im sorry...I know Im late. Im Teresa Mclean, from Dagobah
Grizelda: (looks at her) well yes, Du are late. but Du are also in the list....I was wondering if Du were going to come
Teresa: well Im here. could Du tell me what is my room?
Grizelda: (gives Teresa a key) Your dorm is the green one. It is conected with the orange dorm with a relax room.
Teresa: (grabs the key) thank you!

It was hard for Teresa to find her dorm but she finally did. She was the last one of the girls in her dorm to get there. She has 3 Mehr roomates. She first saw one with blond, curly hair and one with black straight hair. They looked nice. Then she saw one with long straight red hair. They all looked nice!

Meggie: (notice Teresa) oh Du should be our last roomate!
Teresa: Yes its me
Rikki: (walks there) nice to meet Du Im Rikki!
Teresa: Im Teresa, nice to meet Du too
Meggie: Im Meggie!
Brianna: (walks there too) and Im Brianna!
Teresa: (smiles) nice to meet Du all!

Meanwhile in the orange room...The last girl, Dakota, gets inside the room. She notice that she has 3 Mehr roomates. Dakota puts all her stuff in the free bett and decided to start a conversation with her new roomates

Dakota: Hi everyone! Im Dakota
Ashley: hey! My name is Ashley
Vivienne: whats up! Im Vivienne!
Dakota: nice to meet you! (turns to Roslet) hi! my name is Dakota!
Roslet: uummm hello (walks over to her bed)
Ashley: dont mind her! she doesnt like to make friends
Dakota: yeah, I just noticed it...

Roslet walks quietly to the room that conects the orange dorm to the green dorm. Everyone wonders what is in that room so they all walk behind Roslet. They got to the Relax room. It has a balcony, TV, stereo and everything to have fun.
When everyone gets there they notice that the girls from the green dorm are there too. They decided to meet eachother better so they all sit down (except for Roslet) and started to talk

Meggie: Du should be the girls from the orange dorm
Ashley: thats right! and Du should be the ones from the green dorm
Rikki: Du got that right
Dakota: so what do Du say if we meet eachother a little bit better?
Teresa: good idea! lets do it!
Vivienne: cool! so..who gots first?
Teresa: I will go! My name is Teresa, but Du can call me Resa. I come from Dagobah and my powers are over literature and time-space. I can time travel and I Liebe to read and learn Mehr things...
Meggie: cool! well Im Meggie. I come from Earth and my powers are Fantasy and...
Teresa: and...?
Meggie: read things out of books. that hability is unique, I am called Silvertongue. When I read aloud something gets out of the book but something gets inside too...
Ashley: those are cool powers! (smiles) well I am Ashley. I come from the moon and my powers are over shadows and moon light. I grew up with witches but didnt like to be a witch so I came here!
Vivienne: My name is Vivienne. I come from Earth and my powers are over Dreams and dark magic. I never meet my father so I grew up knowing just my mother but she was autistic so my grandparents took care of me.
Rikki: My name is Rikki and I come from Andros. I can control any state of the water, Du know gas, liquid and solid. Everytime I touch the water I become a mermaid and I didnt know my mother.
Dakota: I am Dakota! my powers are over dreams and I come from Andromeda. I Liebe to practice extreme sports!
Teresa: wow amazing! (turns to Brianna) Du go now!
Brianna: (in a shy voice) uummm name is Brianna and I come from Zeckrom and my powers are over fire.
Meggie: come on! tell us more!
Brianna: (sighs) my mother and my sister died when I was 10 and my father and I didnt have so much money so I started to work as a maid in the schloss and in the weekends I made feuer shows to earn some coins.
Ashley: feuer shows? that sounds interesting!
Brianna: yeah...its really fun to do! I used to be named as fire-dancer...
Dakota: (turns to Roslet) hey! why dont Du Mitmachen us?
Roslet: why should I?
Dakota: to meet eachother better!
Teresa: yeah! come on! tell us your name!
Roslet: (rolls eyes) Im Roslet...happy now?
Rikki: no...tell us Mehr info about you!
Roslet: why Du want to know about me? is not that I am going to be your friend!
Teresa: ok ok! we just were trying to be friendly...
Roslet: well dont be! I didnt came to make friends
Vivienne: ok then, dont tell us anything!
Roslet: (rolls eyes and walks to her dorm again)
Ashley: So are your feuer shows?
Brianna: well...I breath feuer and I talk to it and it obbeys me
Meggie: thats cool! Du remind me of a friend I once had...
Brianna: oh really? who was he?
Meggie: he was actually a character from a book. he could control feuer too! but I read him back to the book
Rikki: Hey Brianna! Du think Du can Zeigen us how Du do it?
Dakota: yeah! Zeigen us a feuer show! that would be cool
Brianna: (smiles) sure! lets wait for the moon to get out and I will Zeigen you
 Vivienne, fairy of dreams and dark magic
Vivienne, fairy of dreams and dark magic
 Ashley, fairy of shadows and moon light
Ashley, fairy of shadows and moon light
 Dakota, fairy of dreams
Dakota, fairy of dreams
 Rikki, fairy of water
Rikki, fairy of water
 Brianna, the fire-dancer!
Brianna, the fire-dancer!
 Meggie, fairy of Fantasy and Silvertongue
Meggie, fairy of fantasy and Silvertongue
 Teresa "Resa", fairy of literature and time-space
Teresa "Resa", fairy of literature and time-space
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