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posted by CyD12
Flavio: ok so, are Du ready Megan?
Megan: yeah! *transform*
Flavio: now lets see your attacks...
Megan: sure, BOMB! *attacks to a wall*
Flavio: not bad, try to do it harder...
Megan: BOMB! *attacks harder*
Flavio: *the Wand fell down* great job!


Jake: if Du want your revenge to be good Du have to attack when she doesnt know!
Rosella: for surprise!
Jake: exactly, now we have to see your power...
Rosella: sure, *transform*
Jake: Du will fight will my cousin Miranda...
Miranda: *transform* lets fight!
Rosella: oh this will be funny!
Jake: remember never give up!
Rosella: sure!
Jake: ok... start!


Aero: try to make this Blumen grow up...
Haze: sure! *put hands up* FLOWERS!
Aero: nice! dont loose the control!
Haze: now what do i do?
Aero: try to catch this ball in the air with the branches of the flowers...
Haze: ok! im ready!
Aero: *throws the ball*
Haze: go Flowers! *the branches catch the ball*
Aero: good job!


Ariel: *transform* ok im ready!
Terence: Use your water powers to throw water to all of those walls...
Ariel: sure! WATER!!!! *attacks*
Terence: do it harder!
Ariel: WHIRLPOOL!!!!! *all the walls start to go around with the water*
Terence: whoa! nice job!
Ariel: thanx!


Daniel: use your power to capture all the light in this room...
Bridgette: ok....LIGHT COME TO ME!
Daniel: concentrate! Du can do it!
Bridgette: ough! *all the light starts to go to her*
Daniel: Du are doing it!
Bridgette: *Everything was dark* i do it!!!
Daniel: great!


Elizabeth: are Du sure this plan will work?
Jeremy: yeah! im sure...
Elizabeth: thanx for help me!
Jeremy: dont problem! i like to make plans like this one!
Elizabeth: me too!
Jeremy: cool!!!
Elizabeth: yeah!


Miranda: *attacks Rosella but she miss*
Rosella: ha! nice try! SOUND!!! *attacks*
Miranda: aaaaaa! my ears!!!! stop it!
Rosella: hey! thats my Favorit song!
Miranda: i like it Mehr in silence mode! *attacks*
Rosella: Musik PROTECTION! *a sphere get around her*
Miranda: ough! thats it! *attacks*
Rosella: *miranda miss* Du are going down! ALL THE POWER OF MUSIC!!!! *attacks harder*
Miranda: what the...... aaaaa! *fell down and she cant continue*
Jake: Good job Rosella!
Rosella: thanks!!!
Miranda: i have to say, Du are a good fighter! nice job!
Rosella: thanks Miranda, it was nice to meet you!
Miranda: it was nice to meet Du too.... now i have to go bye!
Jake: bye miranda *miranda leaves*
Rosella: thanks for bring her so i could practice!
Jake: no problem...


Megan: OMG im soooo tired!
Haze: yeah me too....
Bridgette: i enjoy! my Tag with Daniel! he helped me too!
Elizabeth: jeremy was sooooo nice to me!
Ariel: and thaks to Terence i can attack harder!
Rosella: i had a fight with Jake's cousin!
Haze: and who won?
Rosella: me!
Megan: cool!!!
Elizabeth: well im going to sleep.... night!
Bridgette: night!!!

(in the Weiter parts i will focus Mehr in ALL the couples)
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posted by Ember89
Ok before i start this is the Titel of my fic sorry i didn't have one for part one! Enjoy!

"Wow this place is incredible" I say as i walk up to a long line of students. Time passed as i looked at Alfea and thought i'd make tons of great friends. "So what is your name girl" snapped a woman who needed a serious attitude adjustment.
"I'm Ember of Eraklyon" I say. This must be Grizelda. "Ah, here we are, Ember of Eraklyon...carry on then" she snapped again. So i take my heavy bag to a dorm. "Oh hello Du must be Ember!I'm Chloe i'm from Kelp island! The...
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