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(Sfter riven confesses his truth the girls get Mehr angry and sad.Even Flora bursts out saying......

Flora:Why did u do this to her?She was ur love.U made ur Liebe come to the path of death.U have a strange way of Wird angezeigt ur love!!!!
Helia:Calm down,Flora.U know he has always been like this.
Flora:If i lose my best friend.........
Sky:Flora,Riven is worthless.Calm down.
Brandon:By the way dude,why did u say u did not like her?U Liebe her don't u?
Riven:Ya,but i thought if she knew the truth she would never talk to me again.
Helia:U should have known the truth before u hurted her.
Riven:Ya,but if i knew my words would make Musa go to COMA i would have told her the truth.
Bloom:There is no point of saying this now.Let's go and visit Musa.I wish she got better.
-Everyone go to the clinic including Riven.They start to talk to the nurse.
Flora:Nurse,is Musa dear ok?
Nurse:I wish,but no improvements.
-Flora starts to cry and run to her room.
Bloom:Helia,can u......
Helia:Don't worry,Bloom.I'll go to Flora.
-Helia leaves.
Tecna:Nurse,can we plz visit Musa?Please......
-Everyone go to see Musa.
Layla:Poor Musa!
Timmy:She is hurt.
Nabu:That reminds me!My grandpa has a medicine that can make patients wake up.but we nned different ingrediants to make it.
Bloom:Come on,guys lets go get those ingrediants.
Stlla:Riven,u stay here.After all damages maybe u can repair something.
-Riven feels terrible.he sits down beside unconcious Musa and weeps......
Riven:I am sorry Musa!I should have told u my feelings times ago.i was just afraid to lose u.Can u forgive me.I Liebe u!And i always have and i always will!
-The words echoed into Musa's ears.She slowly opened her eyes.......Riven could not see throe his ters but he was very happy and amazed.he said.....
Riven:Musa?Is it really u?
-Riven is over-joyed.

(I know u did not expect this kind of ending but i gotta make it Mehr mysterious and interesting.

to be continued......
 Everyone makes a great team!Merry Xmas from everyone.
Everyone makes a great team!Merry Xmas from everyone.
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