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Lestat and Louis: A Relationship

Reasons for Schreiben this article;
1) I'm bored.
2) I'm really bored.
3) I have nothing else to write.
4) I miss my English lessons.

So I'm gonna try and analyse this relationship. Find out what they feel for each other, and Mehr importantly I feel, why they feel it. This is mostly based on the book Interview with the Vampire.

Now most people describe this relationship as a love-hate relationship, and it certainly is. But first lets look at why they Liebe each other. Their Liebe is a friendship, like flat-mates oder partners in business.

Lestat loves Louis because he's...
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Three steps before we go. Just to try and avoid misunderstandings, which are all too easy to happen in a written form.

Fisrtly: This article's not at any point trying to rob Du off your freedom to have, keep and state your own character Ansichten and opinions.

Secondly: I am not a homophobic oder sexaphobic. I am merely trying to figure out its role in The VC universe; how the ricean vampires' sexuality differs from human sexuality as in on what level it should be seen and how important and essential it is to the story and relationships. I am not denying their sexuality at any point and I'm not trying...
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The Magnus vs Marius Battle.

Many people seem to shoot down the possibility of Marius being Lestat's Maker for numerous reasons. These arguments I have thought about thoroughly, many of them have been my own. And through discussions with Bendaimmortal I have composed the following article. This Artikel will look at different arguments people, including myself, have used to justify their choice in Magnus, that under closer examination seem to fall apart. These arguments are;

-That without the film Queen of the Damned, no one would have considered Marius as a potential Maker anyway.
-That had Magnus...
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As always, in the original, pure father-son relationship. Includes some of my Fan art too and something typed out of one of them that I didn't include...
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Source: Von Eeba_ism at Devian Art
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Homosexual Liebhaber oder very close friends. I'm using the word "or" because it has seemed like people see them only one way oder the other. The homosexual Liebhaber side has seemed to completely shoot down the close Friends view, as in "How can Du not see that they're obviously homosexual lovers! Du homophobic, you!" and "It's not Du guys personally - it's just your view I can not see." And they never loud and clear say if they see them as only Liebhaber oder possibly both. But since they say they can't see our view - and just think about the arguments I'm taking in to this Artikel - it has seemed as...
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