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"Smurf Yourself Better" Von Smiley Smiley's last song for Despicable me has over 120,000 Ansichten on YouTube with almost all positive response and comments. He tries to do it again, with a theme song for one of his Favorit Cartoons of all times.
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smurfs rap
smurfs song
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smurfs movie
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Note: This review is dedicated to Peyo (the creator of The Smurfs) and to Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera (the creators The Smurfs animated show).

Smurfs The Lost Village is a animated film that's based on Peyo's Smurfs comics.

The Plot:

Smurfette feels like she's not a real smurf, because she doesn't seem to have a main personality trait and was made Von Gargamel. She finds out about a place that has other smurfs. She, Hefty, Clumsy, and Brainy go check out the other smurfs, but Gargamel wants to steal the smurfs. It's up to Smurfette to discover who she is so she can defeat Gargamel.

The plot of...
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