The RowdyRuff Boys I Can Make Du Your Own PPG/RRB

BloomBrick101 posted on Jan 01, 2013 at 08:48PM
All you need to do is answer these questions and I'll do the work:

Boy / Girl

Characters name:
Characters age:

Characters Theme color(s):

Any outfit change:

Bangs: (Describe)
X Hair: (Describe)

Eye Color:


Personality: (Playful, Mean, Mysterious . . .)

Anything I didn't say? Please put down . . .

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr leander15wall said…

Characters name: Cody
Characters age: 12

Characters Theme color(s): Cyan with Black stripes like the RRB's

Any outfit change: sleeves appear after resurrection and his shoes are now Cyan and White

Bangs: Spikes like Boomer and Butch but spread in different directions
X Hair: N/A

Eye Color: Cyan

Accessories: glowing gold ring bracelets like Shadow the Hedgehogs inhibitor rings and Cyan and Black headphones with white Cyclone symbols on each side

Personality: Mysterious