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Source: the rpg's are mine,the base belongs to whoever made it
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Source: rrps are mine,base is Googles
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Source: mine base on Google
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Source: Berry is mine,the base belongs to who made it
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Source: mine,ppg belongs to BleedMan.
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Source: bailey is mine.the base belongs to BleedMan and whoever made it.
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chapter two: Berry Scary

While me and my cousins were flying to school I couldn't help but have a weird flashback to some sorta dream that I swear I've never had.


The feuer was growing Mehr power and stronger then ever.In the mist of it all I saw a little girl cry,screaming her head off and banging on the door.

I tried to help her but something was holding me back.I watched helplessly as the feuer grew near her.

"HELP!" she screamed.My legs wouldn't move.The hate in my eyes grew even more.I grew in shock.HATE!?Hate in my eyes?No way not possible~I thought.But...
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chapter one- Dark Angel – Jäger der Finsternis Blue

Blue cornered her victim,her eyes not their usually cheerful self but blood curdling red and glowing.She smiled wickedly before forming a energy ball in her hand,she eyed the boy.He was sorta cute,about her age,brown hair that covered his left eye and crystal blue eyes.But that didn't matter because she was going to kill him.
The boy looked fearful,begging her to stop,and his eyes darting around looking for some sort of escape.
Blue walked closer and closer until....
"BLUE WAKE UP!"screamed Bailey.
Suddenly Blue was awake and staring at her green eyed sister.
"Bailey...I just had the weirdest dream."she said.
"Yeah well me too,it's called school.Now get up and get dressed."
Blue nodded before getting up and heading towards the bathroom.

she was about to get the surprise of her life.
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Source: to whoever made it
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Source: Blade is mine,the base belongs to whoever made it
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Source: Bailey is mine,the base belongs to who made it
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The Rowdy Puff Girl's short stories present:
Never Mess with Blue's Candy

*starring:Blue and Beast*

Blue was walking Home back from the Süßigkeiten store when she heard a shattering scream,a crash and a slam.

Being the curious one,she went towards the sound and gasped.

Standing right before her was her counterpart,Beast and a little girl about their age,which was five.

Blue was furious.

"You put her down!"She screamed,stepping toward them.

Beast glared down at her and the little girl trembled,still in Beast's grasp.

"And what Du gonna do if I don't?"he challenged.Blue glared at him even more.

"I swear I'll...
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Source: mine base goggle
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Berry is the counterpart for both Blossom and Brick.

She has two different eye color.One light rosa and one red.The left one's rosa to represent Blossom and the right one's red to represent Brick.

She wears a rowdyruff boy blazer,the sleeves red and the rest of the outfit is pink.She has light orange hair.

Her powers include that of Blossom's and Brick and some of her own to stay unique.

her own powers include:
shape shifting
and the power to read other's mind.

Her sisters are:Blue,Bailey and Bianca
her counterparts are: Blossom,Brick and Blood

her element is everything nice and a welpe dog tail.

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