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 Du and Soda <3
you and Soda <3
Du run from a group of socs on the main straße as they chase you. They sagte they wanted to give Du a good time, but this wasn’t your thought of a good time. Du could only think of one place where Du could run to, DX. That’s where your boyfriend, Sodapop, could keep Du safe. Du breathing was faster than your heartbeat and Du couldn’t make it all the way to the gasoline station. Du ran into the dark alley Weiter to DX, hoping the socs wouldn’t find Du in the darkness; Du were wrong. They cornered Du against the brick walls; that’s when finally someone spoke up, “You shouldn’t...
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ponyboy curtis
stay Gold
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 this is Ponyboy. i meet him and his Friends at Dairy Hut...on accident
this is Ponyboy. i meet him and his friends at Dairy Hut...on accident
*Grease is in the Blood*

after all three of us got our ice cream and so-called Dally flippped out cause it was so "expensive," (apparently they REALLY believe theyre from the 60s and ice cream back then was only, what--twenty-five, fifty cents?) we got an umbrella-ed tabelle outside. i stared at the three boys, stunned. they HAD to be joking. there was no way that the boys in the BOOK were REAL. no way in hell possible. its just not logical. and i kept telling myself this. not logical, not logical, not ever possible...

"So how can we prove to you--wait, whats your name?" asked "Dally."

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1. If Du see Johnny as a deep person like Ponyboy does, add this to your profile.

2. Don't want a knight in shining armor; I want a greaser in Converse and hair grease!

3. If you're against animal cruelty, then copy this into your profile!

4. If you're against animal experimentation, then copy and paste!

5. when Du hear the song "Replay" Von Iyaz, your version of the first line is "Johnny's like a melody in my head...", then copy and paste.

6. If Du Liebe greasers, are a self-confessed greaser fan, and are a proud member of TEAM GREASER...
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 this is my copy of The Outsiders, the one i Zeigen Ponyboy
this is my copy of The Outsiders, the one i show Ponyboy
*Ponyboy Online*

Ponyboy looked over the cover of the book. he put it back on the tabelle and asked me, "is that supposed to be ME?" he was reffering to the face on the the cover, the one on oben, nach oben of all the others; the largest.

"i guess so. i dont really know. i never thought about it, Ponyboy," i said. he looked at me and smiled. i dont know why. he didnt really have any reason to smile. and ya know what? he had a real nice smile. it just made me wanna jump up and down and giggle and grin. he had the same girl-stopping smile that i imagined his older brother Sodapop to have. it was cute and sweet...
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ponyboy, i asked the nurse to give Du this book so Du could finish it. the doctor came in a while ago, but i already new it anyway. i keep getting tired and tired. listen, i dont mind dying now it was worth it, it was worth saving those little kids, their lives are worth Mehr than mine, they have Mehr to live for. some of their parents came Von to think me and it was worth it. tell dally it was worth it. im just gona miss u guys and iv been thinking about it. that poem, the guy that wrote it. he ment your Gold when your a kid, like green, when your a kid everything is new, dawn, its just,...
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Bam! Du hit the ground with a thud.

“Oh my god, I’m sorry!” A boy about your age says, truly apologetic. He grabs your hand and pulls Du up. Du find his eyes, and Du see how cute he is. He looks at you, stunned. “I’m… Really sorry.” He says as he stares into your eyes.

“It’s fine.” Du blush. “I would have fallen anyway, I’m clumsy.” Du say, brushing off your legs.

“Well if Du did, I’d catch you.” He grins. “Anyways, I’m Ponyboy. What about you?”

“(Y/N).” Du grin.

“I like that name. So.. Uh what brings Du to the camp?”’

“I Liebe the lake.”...
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I got Home from school and just lite up a ciggerete, when Darry walked in the room.
"Didn't I tell Du to do you'r homework before smoking any of that shit!" Darry sagte angrily to me.
"I will get right on it when i'm done Darry."
"Don't Du talk back to me boy! Get on it now." He emphasiezed on the word "now".
Now Sodapop walked into the room, and Darry walked out, grabbing my ciggerete and putting it in a ashtray before he left.
"Hey Pony. Do Du want to come to a party with me and Two-Bit?" Sodapop asked anxiously.
"No I have to do my homework. Darry's orders."
"Come on can't that wait?...
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Stevie Wonder - Stay Gold Lyrics