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"So, the whole wide universe. Where next, Doctor?" Amy asked.
"Honeymoon." the Doctor answered. That words alone broke his heart.
"Yours and Rory's honeymoon. Best make it special, so, here we go!" As reluctantly as he could hide, he pushed the lever down, and the TARDIS rocked.

“We're always running!” The Doctor complained.
“But the running's the best bit!” Amy whined.
“I'm with him!” Rory groaned, holding his stomach
The Doctor sighed and the three they ran back to the TARDIS.
“Whew!” He grinned. “Now let's get out of here before those Krots come for us.”...
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set during amy and rory's wedding cerimonie

"Rory Williams, do Du take Amelia Jessica Pond to be your wife?."

He looked at amy and smiled. "I do."

"Amelia Jessica Pond, do Du take Rory Williams to be Du husband?."

Amy looked out at everyone in the chruch and smiled at them all. Everyone she knew and loved was there. Her parents, her aunt and all her friends.But inside she couldn't help but think that something was missing.Something so important but she couldn't quite put her finger on it.She looked at her mum and dad. Her mum was in tears at the thought of her little girl getting married and...
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Sequel to "I Remember". Set after the reception

The Doctor carried Amy 'Bridal Style' into the TARDIS. Both still laughing at the fact that when they were about to cut the cake, Amy dunked The Doctor's head into it.

"Your face Doctor! Was priceless!."
"And delicious!." He placed amy down on the sofa Weiter to the console while he pullled some levers and tried to decide where to take Amy on their honeymoon.

"Where do Du want to go on our honeymoon?."
"Anywhere as long as your with me." The Doctor smiled at her and sat on the sofa Weiter to her. He couldn't believe how lucky he was. He had just married...
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The Doctor and Amy were sitting on the chair in the console room listening to sounds of the TARDIS. Amy's head was lying on the doctor's chest, listening to his heartbeats, this helped to comfort her, although this time she wasn't listening to his heartbeats this time, she was too focused on what she wanted to tell him. She didn't know how to tell him and she was also scared to tell him because she didn't know how he would react

"Amy is something wrong" he asked "You don't seem yourself, you're really quiet thats not like you, what's wrong?"

Amy didn't know how to answer that question. how was...
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