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Saul_Mikoliunas posted on Feb 11, 2008 at 06:17PM
I have a confession to make. I have never watched the office. Well never watched the Us version of the office and to be honest, that is because of the UK version of the office. I hated it. With a passion. It just...wasn't funny to me. Anyway in the past few weeks with all my tv shows gone because of the strike I have started checking out old episodes of other tv shows and so I clicked onto the office spot. I was watching a video about Jim and Dwight and I have decided that the office US version is not as bad as the Uk version.

Therefore I would like to watch a few episodes.
However I need you office lovers to help me out and tell me which episodes I should watch. There are four series and I'm not really one for starting at the beginning so tell me your favourite episode and I will start there.

I know some people will think I am crazy for never having seen the office US version but.......I just hated the Uk version so much! Hope I am not alone.

From a Jim and Dwight prank lover.

P.s. I know the strike is now technically over but it will be April/May before new episodes so...the office here I come.
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr megaspy007 said…
well my favourites are
the alliance
booze cruise
the secret
casino night
the job
fun run

but i just recommend to start with the first episode-that ones sucks a little,but they get better-to the last
then you understand everything when the new episodes are there
Vor mehr als einem Jahr wtb2612 said…
Health Care
Diversity Day
The Injury
Women's Appreciation
The Fire
Michael's Birthday
The Convict
The Coup
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ari12 said…
I am warning you! This list might be too long, but if you want to watch the show understanding what's going on, I recommend this episodes:

Hot Girl
The Dundies
The Fire
The Client
E-mail Surveillance
Booze Cruise
The Secret
Conflict Resolution
Casino Night
Gay Witch Hunt
Grief Counseling
Branch Closing
The Merger
Traveling Salesmen
The Return
Beach Games
The Job

And in season 4 in think you should see all the episodes.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Snerkie said…
Yeah i'd say watch the first episode then any after that so you'll understand what's happening a bit.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr afewlinesmore said…
I always tell people to start at the beginning of season 2 with "The Dundies". That is an excellent episode in its own right, but also introduces you to most of the characters and situations. And, it is a great starter episode being the beginning of a season.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr doonis said…
Diversity Day
Christmas Party
Conflict Resolution
Beach Games
The Job
Fun Run
Local Ad

And you should probably see the pilot even though it's not that good. Otherwise nothing will make sense.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Elize34 said…
From season one you should watch the pilot, not that great but it will make you understand it better. from season two the client and casino night. from season three, my favourites are the job and beach games.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr 28spike28 said…
yeah start from one to alway to where season 4 paused.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Shandiii said…
But isn't the Pilot the same in the US and UK versions? So, she already knows what happens.

I agree with afewlinesmore, you should start with The Dundies. That's were I started, and it's an amazing episode. And I think that it made me appreciate season 1 a whole lot more when I went back to watch it.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Saul_Mikoliunas said…
Ladies and gentlemen, I have watched an episode of the office. I went with the majority and watched the pilot and "The dundies" and.....................*drum roll please*
I actually liked it. I am a little scared though because if I become half as in love with the office as some of the people on here, I may never speak to my friends for the next month as I catch up with all the episodes.
Are the rest of the episodes worth ignoring your family and friends for?
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Shandiii said…
They are! Most definitely! When I first moved out of my house is when I first bought all of the office dvds and they were all I watched all day for like a month!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr smoore23 said…
Haha, yes! Shandiii is right! I just started watching this show over the summer of '07 when I was bored. I ordered seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix and became addicted so I came here to watch Season 3. It was amazing. You'll love it. I personally think that Season 2 is the best, so enjoy it!