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snoznoodle posted on Apr 19, 2008 at 06:45AM
So Jim is going to propose!! And I'm sure everyone is so excited! Chair Model has got to be one of the best JAM episodes of the entire series! If it's what we think it is.

I know a few people have a feeling Pam didn't think Jim was being serious when he said he'd propose and when you watch it a few times you do get the impression she thought it was one of their games.
Watch it again and see what you think:

And now I have a theory. A really horrible theory I hate but which seems possible all the same. What's the Office without Jim and Pam drama? I'm personally SO happy to see them together. I'd be happy if nothing bad ever happened again. But it isn't really the Office without their angst.

So my theory is:
Jim will propose.
Pam will be so shocked she'll say no.
They'll break up.
And we're back to square one.

I initially didn't think it could happen, but people have convinced me and now I'm just dreading seeing Jim get shut down even worse than before. I'm really worried!

What do you think?
Someone try defuse that theory!

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