The Office clips from "Dinner Party"?

shannieannie posted on Apr 12, 2008 at 12:11AM
i was wondering if there are any sites that have JAM clips from last nights episode up yet.... i loved the last little scene they had in the car... so cute. i'm glad they didn't fight after what jim *almost* did... :-p

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr smoore23 said…
I know! I loved that scene too. It was super cute.

I don't know of any Jam vids yet but if I come across one I'll let you know.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr shannieannie said…
:) thank you so much! :)
seriously after all that awkwardness it was awesome to have some good ol' JAM. i loved how they kept calling each other babe. i think it was the first time either of them have used a nickname... :-p
now i'm just waiting for them to film when pam officially tells jim she loves him!!! :) he's told her a few times, now we gotta hear it from pam! :)