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maybeastarbucks posted on Apr 03, 2008 at 11:07PM
We all like pranks, right? It's one of the main reasons that I watch the Office.
We all like the Office - obviously. Why else would you be in the Office Spot.

Greg Daniels is the creator (or "adapter", if you prefer) of the Office (US). In the '90s he worked on the Simpsons.

On the audio commentary for the Simpsons episode "Lemon of Troy" (Season 6 DVD) one of Greg's former colleagues, David Cohen, told a story of a prank Greg had pulled on his boss at the time, David Mirkin. Here's what you'll need to know: David Mirkin is the show-runner (basically, the boss), and David Cohen and Greg Daniels are writers. Here's the story:

The building that the Simpsons is produced in is being sprayed for termites. They have put a red and white tent over the building while the writers are still working inside. They haven't started spraying yet, but everyone is feeling edgy and they're nervous that they'll start spraying while they're inside.
David Cohen leaves the writer's room to get a cup of coffee in the break room. Greg Daniels is in the break room already. Greg takes out some ammonia and fills a coffee cup with it. Greg tells David Cohen to do the same.
They go back to the writer's room with there coffee cups filled with ammonia. They set them on the table and slowly everyone in the room smells the ammonia and thinks it's the termite spray. David Mirkin lets everyone go home early!

I thought that was kind of interesting because Jim is always pulling pranks and Greg Daniels is the head of the US Office.

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr _lina_ said…
That's a great prank, with the added benefit of time off :)