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posted by codythemaster
mung daal:hey chowder i made a machine that can take Du back in time

chowder:you mean like a time machine?

mung daal:exacly like a time machine now get in

chowder:mung this doesint look right

mung daal:yes it does chowder

(so chowder used the time machine and he went back untill he was 80 years old)

old chowder:hey young wipper snapper, schnapper I need to get to my original age

mung daal:ummmmm chowder the time machine ran out of batteries

old chowder:oh no mung daal theres no way to go back to a kid

mung daal:no chowder IM sorry

old chowder:I really hate Du mung daal!

posted by metalfire101
chowder:tosams I know that lego anywhere it bring's Du to insnaity!

mung daal:chowder what in hell is insanity

chowder:hang on truffles I will get that screwy lego out of Du back!

*the whole world cries in humanity*

mung daal:oh crap! chowder Du unlocked a bad begining a huge forfitting!

chowder:oh crap I blame myself!

shnitzel:RADA! RADA! RADA!

truffles:dumb lego's dumb humanity dumb shnitzel's couch

*shnitzel's holds and kisses his couch*

chowder:um shnitzel I kinda yellow peed that couch sorry tosam but any way were all eggy history


posted by metalfire101
chowder:hey these lego's are fun but for right now I am going to pee on shnitzel's couch

shnitzel:ro rada!

mung daal:I made Du good Essen wonderful but mild truffles


mung daal:she is a sticken mad women! she will kill all tosams!

chowder:aww my pee is gone I am a big boy now and shnitzel's couch is legoic history

shnitzel:rada rou

chowder:shnitzel it it not very nice to say bad words too a nine Jahr old kid

shnitzel:ri rou rive ra rada

mung daal:oh my god wife there is a huge lego connected to Du back!

posted by metalmania123
chowder:you know what shnitzel I can give crap about your coutch and right now I am going to poop on it


mung daal:hey guys I have a confesion to make shnitzel the couch well its gone

shnitzel:RO RELK RO!

anoumus:hey guys my name is anoumus and I have granted Du one wish what is it Du crazy sico pathes!

mung daal:well are only wish is



shnitzel:A new couch!

chowder:gosh I never knew shnitzel could talk....

mung daal:me neither chowder but truth is I licked the couch with toilet sauce

chowder:I want to marry shnitzel and his couch I wan to burn up


posted by codythemaster
chowder:hello trainee this is the chowder brodcast Wird angezeigt Du it's ok to be an iddiot

mung daal:yes chowder espiacilly if there is snot and mucas coming out of your nose Du lick it

truffles:ya trainee stupid's and ugley's I am a bad romodel I drink a can of bier each day!


chowder:I never heard that bad word before what does it mean


chowder:really women's actally do that to boy's


chowder:so trainee Du may have learned to be stupid oder not but to be oder not to be hear is truffle's pooping right in the toilet

truffles:yeserii I am going to kill that ugley skanky kid! >:(
posted by codythemaster
mung daal:hey chowder it looked like we were canceled there for a minute

chowder:heck no they would never Abbrechen a dued guy like me!


mung daal:no shnitzel we will sure as heck not kill chowder for being too stupid

chowder:hey mung daal I mad a new recipe

mung daal:no chowder NOT pee soup!


truffles:what's with all the crying in here I got a twenty pound bar glocke and a Gold belt

shnitzel:rada radar rada

mung daal:sure maybe we will kill her

chowder:nuts and bolts I rather KISS panini than being this dumb!

posted by codythemaster
mung daal:hey chowder Du want to play video games?

chowder:sure mung daal lets play zombie killers 4

mung daal:Oh yes lets play cooking food

chowder:but mung its educational cooking

mung daal:but its fun

chowder:well if Du think so me and mr.tummy are going to make burple nurples

mung daal:what wait chowder the powder is actually explosive powder oh no!

(so the entire küche blew up and mung daal sent chowder to his room)

chowder:wow kimchi I really messed up this time

kimchi:(farts out words)

chowder:well AT least I got my burple nurples

mung daal:no wait chowder thats nooooo!!!!!

posted by codythemaster
mung daal:hey were is everybody i swear they was just here

chowder:isint it great shnitzel and truffles that we ditched mung daal to go to the beach

truffles:heck yes

shnitzel:rada rada

mung daal:so they just left me here to go to the strand well then everybody in my town went to go to the strand I guess i get to use the schnecke car to make car wreakes

schnecke car:drive me like crazy mung daal

(so eventully the cops didint leave on order of the law and fource)

cops:well well well mung daal Du get a ticket for hit and run!

mung daal:well its beter to have loved than a schnecke car to make wreaks to attrack a police officer

posted by codythemaster
mung daal:everyone Du seen
how lovely I am with this mustache

chowder:oh like that time truffles ripped of your beard

mung daal:yes chowder like that time but I got a hunch if I make a machine to make me have a beard again that will make me the happiest guy ever

shnitzel:rada rada rada

mung daal:no shnitzel we will not make a kill shnitzel machine!

shnitzel:rada rada

mung daal:your welcome

chowder:your experiment is done mung daal

mung daal:oh thats cool just spray it under the chin

(so chowder sprayed the beard right on him and mung daal had the foxiest beard alive)

truffles:you better cut that beard of

mung daal:oh ok

posted by codythemaster
chowder:that is it don't cry mung I will take care of this butt custumer

jake:another one I told Du little friend I aint paying for that!

chowder:well this ones on the house!

mung daal:did he change his mind

chowder:sure did ate the whole thing in one bite!

mung daal:well everybody lets go back to my kitchen!

(so they went back to the küche only to find out that a giant ratte has eatin all of mung daals Essen and recipes)

mung daal:my küche chowder get out there and kill that rat!

chowder:ok mung

(so when this episode comes to a closing I want Du to remember merry knishmas!)
posted by codythemaster
truffles:no one ever talked to me about mount Essen Du guys beter speak up now!

mung daal:chowder got a letter to deliver some Obst cake if Du jone us Du won't hurt my mustache

truffle:ok then but Du beter be nice too me

shnitzel:rada rada rada

mung daal:no shnitzel don't be too harsh

(so the journey was hard but partley easy but they finely made it to mount Essen

jake:wheres my drink

chowder:in this letter jake Du sagte Du only wanted Obst cake

jake:don't tell me Du forgot my drink!how am i soppose to eat this Obst cake without my drink!

mung daal:well got to go


posted by codythemaster
chowder:hey mung and shnitzel we got a big package

mung daal:hey chowder is that your brain

shnitzel:rey rowder res ratte roar rada rada

mung daal:hey shnitzel thats a little to harsh

shnitzel:rada rada

chowder:no none of that its a message

mung daal:oh is it a message from shnitzels great grandpa?

chowder:heck no!its a message to go to mount Essen

mung daal:hey chowder why do we got to go to mount Essen

chowder:it says here to deliver Obst cake

mung daal:ok lets go to mount Essen Du too shnitzel Du got to clean up the messes on the way

shnitzel:(crying)rada rada rada

truffles:what who's going what?

Weiter TIME:chowder shnitzel and mung daal want to go but whats the deal with truffles find out Weiter time on chowder
posted by codythemaster
chowder:wow mung its a nosehair trimer

mung daal:well chowder Du got to know the price first

chowder:well mung I just know the price off of my laptop

mung daal:well chowder how much is it a measly $1.00

chowder:heres the price

mung daal:oh my goodness chowder thats alot of money Du have a look at it shnitzel

shnitzel:rada rada rada rada rada!

mung daal:yes Du are in every part of way correct shnitzel


chowder:well I still got a cloning machine just take an ordinary dollar bill and clone it to make a million dollars hahahahahahahahaha


(everyone who is curiose of how much the nosehair trimer was it was 3000000 dollars ya I bet Du would kill chowder that is alot of money isint it?)MERRY KNISHMAS!
posted by codythemaster
docter:hey Hey Hey chowder

mung daal:so chowder doesint have to go to coo coo colledge

docter:no he just has a case of panini phobia

mung daal:what the heck is panini phobia

docter:panini phobia is that chowder needs to talk to panini Mehr often

chowder:no no no! I dont want to be called the boy who was a panini lover

docter:It's either that chowder oder Du die painfully

chowder:ok Ill datum panini for a week then break up with her just to get rid of the panini phobia

shnitzel:rada rada

chowder:oh thanks for the Du should die card shnitzel

shnitzel:rada rada

posted by codythemaster
chowder:hey mung what the heck are Du cooking today

mung daal:well chowder it was going to be secrit but oh what the heck its the frinckled thingy

chowder:is it like that time shnitzel.......

mung daal:no no no chowder no one can realive what shnitzel did

shnitzel:rada rada

chowder:Is it for my birthday

mung daal:hey wait chowder it's not your birthday

chowder:then who in the heck's bithday is it

mung daal:well it's my wife's birthday


truffle's:wow there having a sale on footballs


truffle's:why Du chowder Du distracted me

chowder:oh no! here we go again