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 Walt Disney Screencaps – Princess Ariel
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Source: The Little Mermaid: 30th Anniversary Signature Collection Edition 4K Blu-Ray
Walt Disney Screencapture of Princess Ariel from "The Little Mermaid" (1989)
walt Disney screencaps
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princess ariel
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I recently rewatched this movie and i can say that i like this movie Mehr now than i did at first so i figured that i should write a review about it.

Disney´s The little Mermaid is the 29th animated feature from Walt Disney Pictures and the one that started the Disney Renaissance with a bang.

It is Based on the fairy tale written Von Danish Autor H.C Andersen.

The Little Mermaid´s production really started soon after Snow White and the seven dwarfs relase but as a featurette not a full lenght feature, but it was put on hold for unknown reasons.

In 1985 Ron Clements came up with a...
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