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The King tries to instruct Link but he has to pee.
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i can every song ever made in zelda on ocriana/piano/harmonica/guitar and whistle.
ive played every game and completed every game
i got a HUGE colection off all zelda stuff
the swords no plastic real swords/triforce parts in real Gold (they costed as hell/majoras mask/bomurang/bombs zelda style/ofcourse all games/ and much much much much much much much much much much much much much muuuuuuuussssssssssssccchhhhhhhh more(sry bad english)
i know everthing about all chareters... I Liebe ZELDA NO ZELDA = NO LIFE
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This is a new series of Artikel called "Boss Battles Guide". Every now and then (When I feel like it :P) I will post a detailed strategy guide of beating those pesky boss battles we all hate to fight. First up, the Deku baum and Parasitic Armored Arachnid: Queen Gohma!


Once Du enter the round room, Du are committed! To begin the fight, press the up C button and look at the ceiling of the room. There will be a cut-scene Wird angezeigt the giant spinne crawling around. It will fall from the ceiling and the battle will begin! *Bell dings* This is pretty much an easy fight, as this IS the first...
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