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This Helden des Olymp fankunst contains porträt, kopfbild, nahaufnahme, portrait, headshot, and kopfschuss.

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for those of Du who are very desperate to read it.

Your destiny awaits. Now that Du have discovered your true parentage, Du must prepare yourself for a difficult future-fighting monsters, adventuring across the world, and dealing with temperamental Greek and Roman gods. I don't envy you.

I hope this volume will help Du on your journeys. I had to think long and hard before publishing these stories as they were gegeben to me in the strictest confidence. However, your survival comes first, and this book will give Du an inside look at the world of demigods-information that...
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Ok, guys, I'm tired of the endless rants about Jason's immortal parent! No really, I'm sick of it, I just tossed my kekse, cookies because of it...seriously! Ok, so I exxageratted, everybody does it, but back on topic. Jason's parents. I'm assuming, and it's just a hunch so don't shoot me, that his immortal parent is his dad. Don't ask me why, it's just the way I roll, I go with the messages I get subconciously. It seems that everyone has chosen sides, and they are dead set with their picks. Although there are others, three gods have been mentioned. Are Du ready to pick your side?

Pick number one:...
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